RARA’s Farm T-Shirts


Finally, a chance to dress like the Rock And Roll Animal you truly are. These shirts are guaranteed to make you the hippest, coolest person on the block, attract hot chicks (or guys, as appropriate), and increase your odds of winning the lottery.

Check out our cool new T-Shirt design:

RARA's Farm Logo
RARA’s Farm T-Shirts
Get Your T-Shirts Here!OK, we’re going a little old school here, because we can’t afford to set-up a merchant account.  If you want one of these cool-ass shirts, you need to drop us an email, specifying a few things:Gender: (Is this shirt for a Man or Woman)

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Shirts are black and ink is beige – that’s it, If you want a different color, get out your sharpies and start coloring.

Price: $15, plus shipping. These are high quality shirts with a small logo on the front and the large logo on the back. And, we’re keeping a few bucks (literally) to invest into this cash hog of a website.

Email: rarasfarm@gmail.com.  We’ll figure out payment options later (PayPal preferred)

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