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Dead Poet Society – Touch

Powerful New Rock From So Cal

Dead Poet Society are a distinctive rock band that deserves to be on your new music radar. Earlier today, the Boston natives, turned So Cal denizens, premiered their infectious new song “Touch,” and the track is worthy of your attention.

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Adelitas Way: “Tell Me” – Song of the Day

New music from Adelitas Way: “Tell Me”

Out first Song of the Day for 2016 comes to us from Adelitas Way. These Las Vegas rockers have been around for a decade and they continue to deliver addictive sweet rock ‘n roll with a sweet edge. Their new single “Tell Me” is another in a long line of excellent singles that characterize the band’s impressive decade of rocking.

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Bleeker Erase You

Bleeker Erase You Album Review

Bleeker Erase You Album ReviewIf the Black Keys and Cage The Elephant had a charming baby boy, he’d enter the world with a bounce in his step and a bit of snarl plastered on his face. He’d be a pugnacious rocker dripping with grit and passion. And, he’d sound a hell of a lot like Bleeker.

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New Music Friday

New Rock Music

momsenI’ve dug through my emails and discovered a nice cross-section of new rock music for your weekend listening pleasure. You’ll find a few hugely successful artists on the list as well as a few folks you’ve probably never heard. Give them all a try and discover something new as we continue our crusade to shine a light on the best new rock music each week.

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New Alt-Rock from Green Day and more

green-dayA few fun Alt-Rock offerings on the radar for this Hump Day. Among the many dozens of songs floating across our eyes and ears in our InBox over the past week, these are our favorites from the Alt-Rock universe. Because you love this new music as much as we do, check out our Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post to sample a slew of our other favorites from over the past year.

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New Music Friday – A Fistful of Rock

snippetIt’s Friday. And as we have been doing lately, we’ve decided to celebrate with some killer new hard rock that has just recently hit the streets. A few tracks from some big names and a few from some bands you probably need to get to know. Check them out and enjoy!

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“In Case You Just Tuned In” White Label Analog Review

wla logoBringing power pop and rock and roll together is a difficult feat. Austin, Texas band White Label Analog ruffles these genres together to get their sultry but dancey sound. Upbeat and tangy, the keyboard synthesizer brings their melodies to another level.

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New Music Friday – Alt Rock Edition

preoccupyWe love our RARAs Farm readers, and we love introducing them to new rock music. Today, we take a peek at a handful of songs that caught our attention from the piles of emails stacked up on our desks. As usual, you’ll recognize some bands and discover a few new ones as well.  We present to you our alternative rock songs of the week.

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