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Maine Man: John The Ghost

John The Ghost is the new solo effort from John O’Callaghan, the uber-talented front man from The Maine, and today, we get the first glimpse of the video for the new song “Sour Grapes.”

Photo by Cole Kiburz.
Photo by Cole Kiburz.

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The Maine Warped Tour Photos

I’ve seen The Maine before so I knew they put on a good show, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with their Vans Warped Tour set. They took the stage dressed in matching blue dress slacks and pressed white dress shirts, and then, the sharp dressed men tore it up. Front man John O’Callaghan was dynamic and engaging throughout the set, as he interacted with the crowd constantly. He was never more in his element than when he pulled a young man up on stage who had no idea what he was listening to.

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The Maine Concert Review

John O'Callaghan of The Maine at The Beacham in Orlando
John O’Callaghan of The Maine at The Beacham in Orlando


Orlando Hosts Rousing Conclusion to The American Candy Tour

Florida often serves as the first stop on American tours for a plethora of artists. It’s rare that we have the opportunity to see a well honed, energetic conclusion to a tour, but as we saw last night at The Beacham, they can be nights to remember. The Maine threw a little party to honor the occasion with 1,000 or so of their closest Orlando friends.

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The Phoenix-based band wrapped up their Spring American Candy tour with an entertaining night full of surprises as they played to a packed house at The Beacham. On this night, the three opening bands, The Technicolors, Knuckle Puck and Real Friends were headed home, while the main act headed West to squeeze in a few last shows as they worked their way home to Arizona. But, first one more night of fun for the four acts who truly seemed to be real friends…

The Technicolors kicked off the night with an insanely early 5:40 start time. As a testament to the Orlando fans, the place was already packed as they took the stage. The band drips with potential, and they delivered a nice blend of pop rock and a polished stage show. As a sign of things to come, Kennedy Brock from The Maine came out and jammed with them for a song.

John O'Callaghan of The Maine at The Beacham in Orlando
Real Friend’s Dan Lambton onstage with Knuckle Puck

Chicago’s Knuckle Puck took the stage next and shook things up a bit with a powerful punk-infused set. They quickly had a mosh pit swirling and definitely brought a harder edge to the show. Dan Lambton, frontman for Real Friends, came out and sang a song with the quintet. Their own lead vocalist Joe Taylor flew around the stage and was an entertaining showman.

Real Friends, the third of the opening acts is another Chicago band with melancholy punk tendencies. They settled into a nice groove with a blend of music that was more pop than punk, and the perfect warm up for the headliners. Lambton, decked out in a “Fry Your Brain On The Maine” T-shirt asked the light technician if he could turn on the mirror balls for a ballad. When he complied, every member of all four bands snuck on stage and slow danced together, kicking the party into another gear. Fun stuff.

After a short break, The Maine took the stage to a fervid crowd and immediately jumped into rocking versions of “Miles Away,” “Run” and “Growing Up.” They churned through the three songs as the crowd sang along throughout, before frontman John O’Callaghan chatted with his guests for the first time. He grabbed the mic “Hi, how do you all feel about yourselves?” It started a theme that continued throughout the show, as he frequently checked to make sure everyone was in a good place, and it was clear from the crowd reactions that they were bought in.

John O'callaghan of The Maine
John O’callaghan of The Maine

O’Callaghan seemed to be a more chipper version of himself during the show; at one time offering “I used to be an Emo kid, but I’m not anymore, and I have never been so happy… If you want sadness, listen to Morrissey. There’s enough sadness in The Smiths songs for every fucking person on the whole planet.” And the party was in full swing. The Maine-iacs who filled the venue seem to feel like they’re part of a strong caring family, and in a way they were, with O’Callaghan the caring patriarch.

(Read our recent interview with O’Callaghan HERE)

The band delivered a fantastic version of “Same Suit, Different Tie,” that was the highlight of the night for me, and for many pleased fans in attendance. The band also dished out a rollicking cover of The Rolling Stones classic “Satisfaction.”

As the show neared its conclusion, O’Callaghan grabbed an acoustic guitar and shared “I had a vodka and orange juice before I played, but I’m not really drunk,” and then led a nice crowd singalong to “Into Your Arms.” He stumbled through the lyrics and quipped “Maybe I had two vodkas and orange juices, oopsies!” Classic stuff!

Members of Real Friends, Knuckle Puck and The Technicolors join The Maine
Members of Real Friends, Knuckle Puck and The Technicolors join The Maine

His longtime musical mate Jared Monaco took over lead vocals for a quick song, and then the stage got quite crowded as all of the band members from across the line-up wrapped the show up in raucous fashion. O’callaghan closed with a classic quote: “Thanks for allowing us to play music, it’s the best fucking job in the world.” Perfectly summed up by a singer and band who seem refreshed and recharged and on top of their craft.

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The Maine’s John O’Callaghan Interview

John O’Callaghan Interview with RARA’s Farm



John O’Callaghan Discusses American Candy

We chat with the frontman from The Maine about their exciting new album release, American Candy – out this week.

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As the release of American Candy, the fifth studio album from The Maine, quickly approaches, I had the opportunity to chat with front man John O’Callaghan. It was my first interaction with the talented singer, and he was instantly friendly and engaging. We started off chatting about how my daughter, Kerri discovered his band and introduced their music to me. I noted how unusual it was for her to be the one discovering the new music I was listening to, and O’Callaghan shared how he had a similar relationship with his father. Then we jumped into the new album.

Cretin: It seems that with each release from The Maine, we find an album that’s moving in a different direction from its predecessor? Based on the first two singles, it seems that American Candy is more of a pop-infused record than Forever Halloween. Was there a concerted effort to do that?

John O’Callaghan: It’s more around what the band is going through at that specific time, and what we are feeling. Forever Halloween may have exposed a more somber side, and it was really more of an introspective album. For this album, I had experienced a summer where I met a lot of people and created new friendships and as a result I was carrying myself with more positivity. It’s important to write songs from a more tangible place.

Cretin: What did you think about the finished product?
John O’Callaghan: This album has more of a pop sensibility. Our producer, Colby Wedgeworth embraced the approach that we took, on how we could disguise these pop songs as something different.I think that gave the album more meaning and purpose.

Cretin: So, you didn’t purposely alter your approach to develop a different sound on American Candy?

John O’Callaghan: People can see through music when you’re not sincere. We wanted something from a tangible point in our lives. We did try something different on this album, though. We brought our equipment out to Joshua Tree, California where we rented a house for 30 days to record it.

Cretin: Cool, and you worked with Colby Wedgeworth previously?

John O’Callaghan: He produced Pioneer, our first record off of Warner Brothers. It was a crazy time where we recorded it. We knew his work, and knew he’d go out to California with us. Colby is like us, he’s a young cat, very hungry. He’s not just making a record for a paycheck. It was really a no brainer.

Cretin: It’s been about two years since Forever Halloween, and 18 months since Imaginary Numbers. Have you been accumulating songs since then, or is it more of a concentrated compressed activity?

John O’Callaghan: On the last album, we went into the studio with 26 songs, which we whittled down to the thirteen that ended up on the album.

Cretin: 26 songs: That’s aggressive.

John O’Callaghan: It was too much. On this release, we wanted to make a more concise album. I brought in about eighty pieces on demos, which we whittled down easily. In Pre-production, we narrowed it down to twelve songs. Then when we got in the studio, Pat laid down the drum tracks for all twelve. We eliminated two after the drums were complete. That gave us four weeks to record the ten remaining songs.

Cretin: What’s the process for creating the songs? Did you all come into the session with idea? Do you typically all collaborate?

John O’Callaghan: I usually bring in the demos and then we work off of them as a group. If we just go into a room and jam we don’t make much progress. We’re all too scatter-brained.

Cretin: How about the order and placement of the songs, is that important to the band?

John O’Callaghan: It is really important to us. We’re making an album not just a group of single songs. Arranging the track listing for American Candy actually fell together easily. Before we left Joshua Tree, we spent a night and each of us took the tracks and put together our individual listings. When we were done, we compared them and went with the consensus.

Cretin: That’s refreshing to hear, there are so many artists these days who have abandoned the album concept.

John O’Callaghan: I’m a fan of albums, and we wanted to create an album where the songs fit together. You’ll hear that some stuff flows and fades nicely from one song to another… It’s cool to see the resurgence of vinyl. Pre-orders for this album on vinyl sold out the first time around, and we had to go to a second pressing.

Cretin: So speaking of old school rock, tell me about the reference to the band X and their song “Los Angeles” in “Miles Away?” (Grab the song now on iTunes: Miles Away

John O’Callaghan: The whole song is about a trip I took right before I started writing the album. I went to San Francisco to the Outside Lands festival. I was excited to see Tom Petty, and I hung out with friends, a little debauchery, and even played a little music. While I was there my friend introduced me to The X, and that album became one of my favorites.

Cretin: Do you have a favorite song on American Candy, or one with a bit more personal meaning?

John O’Callaghan: It might sound cliché, but the whole thing means quite a bit to me. That might change when we start to play them live, and after we see how the fans and our friends react after hearing the album.

Cretin: Can you tell us a little bit about the 24 hour event on March 31st, release day? Should your fans plan on being on line all day?

John O’Callaghan: It’s a fun way to give back to the fans. To let the passionate fans experience the excitement of releasing an album, and to feel like they’re a part of it. It’s tough staying awake 24 hours, though. We just did it for a video shoot and I’m still recovering, so I wouldn’t suggest it.

Cretin: Any final thoughts as we are readying for the release?

John O’Callaghan: Things are awesome for us now, and I want to thank everyone who has preordered this album, basically on a whim, after only hearing the two singles.

Cretin: To close, you’re heading out on a US headlining tour, with support from Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, and The Technicolors – When does it start? Will you hit Florida?

John O’Callaghan: It starts in about a week, and the nice thing is that The American Candy tour starts right here in Arizona, about a 15 minute drive from home. It’s a six week tour, where we hit Florida near the end. (You can get all of the details at Wearethemaine.net, but here are the Florida dates:)

5/14 Freebird Live, Jacksonville
5/15 State Theatre, St. Petersburg
5/16 The Beacham, Orlando – Tickets
(with Real Friends, Knuckle Puck and The Technicolors)

Take a peek at the first single – “English Girls”
Miles Away – American Candy

1. Miles Away
2. Same Suit, Different Tie
3. My Hair
4. English Girls
5. 24 Floors
6. Diet Soda Society
7. Am I Pretty
8. (Un)Lost
9. American Candy
10. Another Night On Mars

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