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Get Togethers Home As In Houston Album Review

Get Togethers Home As In Houston Album Cove
Get Togethers Home As In Houston Album

When I first heard “June (Oh My God)” I was captivated by the sweet innocent vocals and playful guitar riffs which eventually transcended into a more vulnerable track.  What first seemed like a flirty, fun, summer ditty was actually quite diverse, foreshadowing the deeper story behind the album.

After learning that the album chronicles lead singer Bethany Frazier’s self-described “absolute worst year of my life” I was even more intrigued. Home As In Houston is a concept album, with one song for each month of that torturous year; twelve months that revolved around an ill-fated affair with one of her high school teachers – heady stuff indeed, and the fertile landscape for an emotional album.

When Bethany talks today, you can tell that she’s put it behind her and that she’s in a better place for sure; this album certainly a key step in her catharsis. But, damn, that tumultuous year of 2007 was fertile ground for a budding yet fragile song writer

After Bethany’s affair with her female teacher, she endured a harrowing string of private investigations, police reports and the predictable stigmatization by her classmates. As if that wasn’t enough for the high school Junior, she was then involved in a high-speed, head-on automobile collision. The silver lining? During her recovery, she met guitarist Daniel Frazier. Frazier is now her husband and the band’s lead guitarist.

The early part of the album (year) reveals Bethany’s vulnerability. In “January” she sings “In your body and your hands as they graced someone else’s heart I was weak young naive back then, now I’m not. Then in “February,” “I was sure you said I love you, when you said nothing at all. Why did I have to be so naive?” The first few tracks are more mellow offerings, but as the ‘year’ progresses, we hear a few more rocking selections.

“March” features more of a rock vibe, in a song that appears to reflect on the recklessness of the relationship. It’s a great track with more fantastic lyrics.  Three months later, we hear the track that first grabbed my attention. “June  (Oh My God)” gets better with each listen, especially after the realization that it is but one chapter in a fantastically constructed story. It’s a great song on its own, and an absolute masterpiece in the context of this concept album.

The remainder of Home As In Houston meanders nicely on a musical plane, while tying together the story of this tumultuous year.  All told, it’s a decent album with superb lyrical content. Give it a listen; even if you don’t like the entire offering, it’s guaranteed you’ll find a few cuts to your liking.

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