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Blondfire Where the Kids Are EP Review

Blondfire’s Where the Kids Are EP Review

As far as sneak previews go, this one is quite enthralling.

Blondfire is a talented brother-sister combination from Los Angeles by way of Michigan who recently released the attention-grabbing Where the Kids Are. The EP is an advance preview of their Modern Art/Warner Bros. Records debut, Young Heart, and deftly spotlights the tremendous talent of siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll, and certainly whets our appetite for the full release later this year.

Blondfire Where the Kids Are EP Cover
Blondfire Where the Kids Are EP Cover

The children of musically inclined parents of Brazilian-American descent, the Driscolls have been writing, producing and performing their own music for years. As we see on this EP, they’ve mastered the art.  Erica Driscoll plays keyboards and guitars while her brother Bruce drives the scintillating beats.  The music is original and pure catchy pop, but, it’s Erica’s vocals that dominate the EP.  Her voice is engaging, hypnotic and absolutely addictive.

The EP offers a nice cross-section of the duo’s abilities, highlighted by the perfect summertime rocker “Waves.”  This track grabs your attention from the opening guitar riff and keeps you hooked throughout.  Erica’s vocals are sweet and pretty (can you say that on a rock record), but offer a subtle edge that is captivating, and that meshes perfectly with the hypnotic music.  It’s a sure-fire hit guaranteed to be one of the tunes that defines the summer of 2013.

The title track, “Where the Kids Are” is another excellent song and one that deservedly saw plenty of airplay on Sirius XM’s Alt-Nation.  It’s a bit of a darker sound featuring nice drums from Bruce Driscoll, and dominated by Erica’s keyboard lines.

The other two tracks are solid. Bruce contributes prominent background vocals to the catchy “Hide and Seek,” and “Walking With Giants” hearkens  back nice eighties flash backs, where Erica conjures up sweet memories of the talented Teri Nunn. There’s also a fifth track that I’ve seen floating around, which is killer remake of Atlas Genius’ hit single “Trojans.”

If you haven’t already done it, grab the EP below to hold you over until the full album is released.

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