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Halloween Treats – New Rock Music

New Rock Music Monday – Halloween Edition

New Rock MusicWe pored through our InBox and pulled out some tasty treats new rock music offerings for your music starved ears. We found selections from old favorites, from huge stars, from emerging talents, and even one from an acclaimed actress. So without further ado, let’s dig through our goodie bag. And, do yourself a favor and check out all of these tracks, discover something new and support rock ‘n roll.

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Bear Hands – You Should Pay…

I recently traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana for a work function. I had never been there and had zero desire to travel back to the cold chill of the Mid-West. However, when I got there I found out that the unknown outpost in bum-fuck Indiana is a bangin’ town with a shout out to the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, and the beautiful White River State Park hugging the outer edges of the Circle City.

Bear Hands You'll Pay For This Cover

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Big Orlando Bands Deliver For Orlando Rock Fans

The Hip Abduction at The Big Orlando. Photo by rarasfarm.com.
The Hip Abduction at The Big Orlando. Photo by rarasfarm.com.

Big Orlando Band Recaps

As soon as I saw Weezer and Fall Out Boy on the line-up, I knew that the first edition of The Big Orlando was going to kick ass. When the full line-up was fleshed out a month later, my expectations ratcheted up another notch, and I was not disappointed.

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For a glimpse of the Evening session reviews click here: Fall Out Boy, Weezer, New Politics, Young The Giant, Dirty Heads, J. Roddy Walston & The Business

I’ll share my thoughts on each band, in the order that I saw them; not a crappy act in the bunch, but a few really stood out above the others. As the festival began to resonate around the nickname The Big O (which I suggested many months ago), I thought about using some clever sexual-based rating system, but I’m much too mature for that. Well, maybe not, but let’s just go with some quick thoughts for each band. This is a two part series to be continued tomorrow – and we will also have many photos to share in the next week.

  • Knox Hamilton – “We Can Work It Out” is their signature single, and from what I heard at the show, there are a handful of other catchy pop rock singles on the way from this Arkansas-based trio.  They boasted two guitars and two lead vocalists who dished out laid-back, bouncy, feel good rock ‘n roll, which was a great way to open the Main Stage, and for me to start my day.
    Knox Hamilton at The Big Orlando. Photo by rarasfarm.com.
    Knox Hamilton at The Big Orlando. Photo by rarasfarm.com.
  • A Hero’s Fate – An unsigned Orlando quartet just filled with energy. They delivered a nice blend of pop punk, that was mainstream and edgy at the same time. They appeared to be having a great time on stage, led by frontman Brian Frank and guitarist Blake Murphey who bounced across the stage throughout.
  • The Hip Abduction – I listened to these guys before the event and their unique blend of music, that my wife astutely categorized as “reggaeish,” was captivating.  Their live set, was even better.  The six-piece from St. Pete calls their music “afropop.” The music, which featured a handful of unusual African instruments, a sweltering bass beat and sweet vocals, was an absolutely refreshing twist on surf music. All of their music was excellent, but I’d highly recommend their set-closer “Holiday” if you want to get a good feel for this talented band.  Buy their music, check them out live, get to know them – you won’t be disappointed.  They were the early highlight of the festival.
  • Bear Hands – Probably one of the more anticipated acts of the festival, as this Brookly foursome is riding the success of two huge Alt-Rock hits, “Giants” and “Agora.”  They sounded excellent and kept the cool afternoon groove going, even though they were one of the least animated acts of the day.
  • Crazy Carls – another Orlando-based band, and a great choice to close the Axis local stage.  Charismatic frontman, Alex Baugh  eschewed his guitar for this set, as the band relied on backing tracks, allowing Baugh total freedom to interact with the crowd, and he had them in the palm of his hand.  He’s a non-stop ball of energy, who moved around the stage constantly, belted out killer pop vocals, and seemingly connected with everyone in the large crowd.   He’s a consummate front man who demands attention. (Make sure you follow our site, as we’ll publish an interview with him shortly.)
  • Kasson – A trio from Orlando, who I believe won a contest to secure their spot on the Jagermeister stage.  Good indie rock that was easy to listen to. I need to check them out sometime in The City Beautiful, as I missed part of their set due to a conflict with Crazy Carls.
  • Big Data – I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical about this band, which is really the love child of producer Alan Wilkis. I had no idea how this would translate live, but was in for a nice surprise. The boy/girl vocals and interactions were excellent, and their waltz across the stage entertaining. I loved the bass throughout the entire set, but particularly on their megahit “Dangerous.”  The setlist boasted nice diversity, as well, and they offered the strangest cover choice of the festival – “Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates!
  • Sleeper Agent at The Big Orlando. Photo by rarasfarm.com.
    Sleeper Agent at The Big Orlando. Photo by rarasfarm.com.
  • Sleeper Agent – The one band I was most excited to see, and they were good, but not as fantastic as I had heard.  Another six-piece, these Kentuckians have a unique edgy rock sound. They offered “This is our last show of the year, we’re so happy to be spending it with you,” but unfortunately went out with a bit of a whimper.  Lead female singer Alex Kandel sounded good, but Tony Smith’s vocals seemed lost in the mix.  The band was energetic and the music sounded good, but I just felt like they were holding something back.

See a slew of our Big Orlando photos here.

Rock On!

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The Big Orlando – Huge Alt-Rock Festival Heads to Orlando

big orlando (800x296)

The Big Orlando Alt-Rock Festival

After a few years of watching the season’s best alt-rock festivals hit Jacksonville and Tampa, we finally get to see this killer line-up make a stop at Orlando. This is something we hoped for when we heard that X107.3 was coming to Orlando, and couldn’t be happier to see this come to fruition (See our prediction here).

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December 7th will be the date which will live in infamy for Orlando rockers.  The headliners are a great cross-section of artists spanning the alternative rock scene over the past twenty years.  We will get to see two RARA’s Farm favorites, Weezer and Dirty Heads, as well as other stalwarts who we have not caught live yet: Fall Out Boy, Young The Giant,  J Roddy, Big Data, Bear Hands, Twin Atlantic, Islander, and more.  J. Roddy, Bear Hands and Big Data are three acts we are anxious to see.

The venue for the first annual edition of The Big Orlando festival is the Central Florida Fairgrounds. I absolutely love the Metropolitan Park venue for the Big Ticket in Jacksonville and am curious to see how the The Big Orlando stacks up.  And, how long before local fans shorten this to the Big “O”?

“After four years of success with X102.9 in Jacksonville and The Big Ticket, I am very excited to launch this new festival with Cox Media’s new alternative station X107.3 and AEG Live. We look forward to bringing an incredible alternative festival to Orlando,” says The Big Orlando producer Danny Wimmer of Danny Wimmer Presents.

For those of you interested, the Jacksonville festival, The Big Ticket, which is one of the best run festivals we’ve experienced in the past, is being held on Friday December 5th.  Very similar line-up, but substitute Alt-J, Chevelle and New Politics for Young The Giant, Twin Atlantic and Islander.  Sounds like a nice long weekend, eh?

Ticket Information

A special discounted presale for The Big Orlando runs from Friday, September 19 at 10:00 AM ET through Sunday, September 21 at 11:59 PM ET at www.TheBigOrlando.com and all Ticketmaster outlets. Military discounts are also available as noted below.  The presale offers a limited number of general admission and VIP tickets at discounted prices as follows (plus fees):

General Admission: $34.50
VIP: $89.50

Regularly priced general admission and VIP tickets go on sale Monday, September 22 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time at www.TheBigOrlando.com. Ticket prices will be as follows until September 29, when prices will increase:

General Admission: $39.50
VIP: $89.50
4-Pack: $119.00

VIP tickets include: a VIP entrance to venue; access to VIP lounge area featuring dedicated bar, beverage and food service; viewing of main stage (seated and standing areas); seated area with shade for dining; private restroom facilities; and a VIP guest laminate.

Ticket discounts will also be available for active military through The Big Orlando partner GovX. For full details about all tickets, military ticket discounts, and VIP packages, visit: www.TheBigOrlando.com.

Central Florida Fairgrounds is located at 4603 W. Colonial Drive, only 3 miles west of downtown Orlando. The Fairgrounds are set on 87 acres with ample free parking and a Lynx Bus stop at the main entrance.


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The Big Ticket: www.x1029.com/s/big-ticket-2014/

See you in December…
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