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Ear Candy from Future Generations

fg“Thunder In The City” is a cheery, poppy new track that I cannot unstick from that tiny little space between my ears. It’s a distinctive synth-driven single that’s just as catchy as hell, and if this track finds it’s way onto radio, it’s destined to explode on the Alternative rock scene.

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Yellowcard to Break-up, Say Farewell in Orlando

They’re one of Florida’s most successful alternative rock bands of all time and after a tremendously successful career, the Jacksonville quartet has decided to call it quits. But not until they release YELLOWCARD, their tenth album, and treat their fans to one final tour, where they wrap it all up with a show right here in Orlando.

Credit: Joe Brady Photography
Credit: Joe Brady Photography

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Sick Puppies News

Our favorite Australian Alt-Metal rockers, Sick Puppies are getting ready for a big summer, including new music, a new line-up, and greatly anticipated appearances at local venues.
Sick Puppies Logo
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DeLong DeLights Orlando

The term “one-man band” has been recently redefined in every sense of the term. LA based multi-instrumentalist/producer/ (they haven’t made a word up yet to describe the genius) Robert DeLong has literally transcended the limits of music and technology with two full albums and sixty minute sets across the world. He recently nearly sold out The Social (if he didn’t I’m surprised) in a night that could be described only as innovative and infectious.

Robert Delong killing it The Big Ticket.
Robert Delong killing it at The Big Ticket. (RARAsFarm Archives)

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Killing Joke’s Euphoria

In a year of continue sad health news for the rock universe, veteran Alt-punk rockers Killing Joke had to cancel their Winter tour, including a few Florida dates due to health issues.

But, here’s a bit of good news from the band…

killing joke
Killing Joke

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The Big Ticket Rocks Jax

It helps to have arguably the hottest rock band on the planet closing your festival, but The Big Ticket again delivered a fantastic day of Alternative Rock music that left Jacksonville fans impressed and pleased with a full day of excellent live music highlighted by a killer set from headliners Twenty One Pilots.

Tyler Joseph Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots The Big Ticket.
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots at The Big Ticket.

The duo from Ohio opened this festival three years ago and delivered one of the most memorable early sets in memory.  Now, on a beautiful Sunday a few years later, they’re closing the night out, but still delivering quality music and a spectacular show.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the talented duo from Ohio, are dedicated musicians hell bent on constantly refining and improving their stage show.  Sunday night, we saw them flying across the stage, leaping into the crowd and climbing the stage trusses.  And, all the while delivering their distinctive brand of rock music that is absolutely embraced by their passionate fans.

Most of the bands were well-received by the diverse crowd, but talking to concert-goers as they departed (or sat forever in the parking lot traffic), it was clear that the other crowd favorites included Walk The Moon, Robert Delong, Coleman Hell and X Ambassadors.

Robert Delong killing it The Big Ticket.
Robert Delong killing it at The Big Ticket.

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I’ve been to several prior Big Ticket festivals in the past, and don’t ever remember a line-up as talented as this years.  Simply put, from the opening island-infused notes of Colorado’s Lola Rising to the thunderous close of Twenty One Pilots, there was no let down on either stage.

I have to confess that more than a few people were frustrated with the new stage arrangement, including myself.  With both stages side-by-side, there was a constant sea of people rolling back and forth across the blanket covered fields.  Although the idea of two stages fairly close has some merit, these two stages were too close.

The Big Ticket crowd
The Big Ticket crowd enjoying the music.

On another positive note, the vendors and food stands were excellent, Despite a Sold Out crowd in attendance, the lines at the many food vendors never got out of control and there was tremendous diversity.

But, the truth is, everything other than the music pales in importance when compared to the artists who graced the stage, and on this wonderful day in Jacksonville, the 2015 incarnation of The Big Ticket nailed it.  Kudos to X102.9 and Danny Wimmer Presents for another excellent event!

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Rock On!

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Twenty One Pilots


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Rah Rah – Be Your Man Review

How could I not love a band named Rah Rah?

Let’s face it, they’re the perfect fit for RARA’s Farm, right? In reality, with or without the homophonic similarity, this quintet from North of our border continuously delivers interesting compelling pop rock and their new single “Be Your Man” is yet another prime example.

Rah Rah © Chris Graham Photo 2014
Rah Rah © Chris Graham Photo 2014

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Kuroma Delivers Engaging Psych-Pop



Kuromarama Album Review

The path traveled by the creative foursome that comprise Kuroma is almost as unusual as the band’s peculiar name.

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Hank Sturdivant and James Richardson met at a Camp Carolina talent show, when they played together and stole the show as impossibly young eight years-olds. Since that fateful summer, they went their own ways, and then reunited in 2006 for the initial Kuroma album. Over the ensuing years, they’ve released three albums and seen the members play with bands like The Whigs and MGMT and tour with a slew of other notable Alt-Rock bands. Then, a few years ago, the duo completed their quartet when they joined forces with ex-members of Amazing Baby, Simon O’Connor and Will Berman.

The years on the road and exposure to successful, influential artists has paid off for the foursome, as their recently released third album, Kuromarama is an intriguing and welcome entry into the alternative rock scene. The music is a distinctive, alluring mix of styles they call psych-pop. It’s different than most anything on the airwaves today, but it’s a refreshing and bright kind of different.

As a whole, the album is packed with catchy songs, clever riffs and a casual comfortable feel. It’s probably a horrible analogy, but at times, I found myself nostalgically thinking of the psych pop stylings of the Monkees. It’s not Davy Jones and crew and their pseudo-rock, but the music still offered that same happy, feel-good, pop-laced vibe. The big difference on Kuromarama is the quality of the musicianship, which is top notch.

“20+ Centuries” is an invigorating track that gets the album off to a rollcking start. From their, the album boasts a nice diverse selection of songs. An early highlight is the sweet “Love Is On The Way” featuring some of the most diverse vocals on the album as well as a constantly evolving and creative musical foundation that reminded me a bit of the wonderfully creative music offered up by The Thorns a decade ago.

My favorite part of the album is the trio of strong closing tracks. “Case Logic” is a song that evolves masterfully, features invigorating guitar work, and an infectious beat. “30601” threw me for a loop the first time I heard it because it feels out of place on the album, but the country-tinged song is just fantastic and a joy to listen to. It’s also a nice bridge to the psych-powered finale “Thee Only Child.” It’s a strong close to an enjoyable album.

Check it out and sample the songs below. See if you agree that Kuromarama is perfectly suited to be pouring through your speakers on your next sunny day journey to the beach.

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