Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti

Rarasfarm ranks all of Led Zeppelin’s albums from worst to best…

#4. Physical Graffiti, 1975

Physical Graffiti

If this was a single album, it probably would be at the top of the list, but, there’s some filler mixed in with the gems on this double album. Still, this definitely qualifies as great. The band finished their recording session with too much music for a single album, but not enough for a double album, so they reached back and included some previously unreleased tracks.

This one is truly a showcase for Jimmy Page, including “The Rover” a great guitar song ahead of its time and “Bron Yr Aur,” one of the leftover tracks, but basically a magnificent four minute Jimmy Page guitar solo. I loved “Boogie With Stu” another fun tune with some groovy mandolin and drum work. Side Two is amazing: “Houses of the Holy,” “Trampled Underfoot,” and the band’s greatest song “Kasmir.” Great stuff.

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