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East Coast guy who's first words were "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" from the Beatles "She Loves You." Grew up listening to British Rock 'n Roll courtesy of some thoughtful and hip uncles and aunts. Loved the Alternative bands from the 80's and 90's, and still enjoy lots of new stuff.

Untraveled Roads with Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch Release Live Album – Untraveled Roads

Creating an impactful, meaningful live album has always been a challenge for rock bands.  For every legendary Live At Fillmore East or Live At Budokon, there are just as many forgettable Who’s Lasts and Tokyo Dome Live In Concerts littering the cutout bins.  TFK’s upcoming live release, Untraveled Roads manages to avoid the pitfalls experienced by The Who and Van Halen, and they deliver a damn good live album.

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Run Raquel Premiere New Video

It’s Gonna Take A Little Longer – Run Raquel

At the 2017 Florida Music Festival we discovered a handful of intriguing bands from across the state.  One of those bands was Orlando’s own Run Raquel a local five-piece dishing out delicious pop-infused indie rock.

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Imagine Dragons – Live at Allsaints Studios

Imagine Dragons Release Acoustic EP Live At Allsaints Studios

Earlier today, Imagine Dragons released a new EP featuring a few acoustic tracks off of their recent Gold album Evolve, and one cool and unexpected cover song.

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U2 Croke Park Review – Dublin

U2 Croke Park Review: Tonight, we can be as one

U2 just might be my favorite band.  They were the first “new” band to catch my attention as a young rock fan hooked on classic rock. And, over the last 35 years, I’ve seen them a handful of times, including some of the most memorable shows of my life.  I’m also a bit of a closet Irish Republican, and early U2 had a special place in my heart.

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Bucket List: Seeing U2 at Croke Park, Dublin

I’ve been a U2 fan since I first heard Edge’s frenetic guitar lick that kicked off “I Will Follow.” Up until that time, I was a classic rock kid growing up on the tasty album rock my uncles had served up for me, but this was something fresh… and new… and special. Adam Clayton’s bass pacing the way, thunderous drums from Larry Mullen, and that passionate Irish voice of Bono’s. Damn near genius.

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Hello Hello – It’s U2 3D in Orlando

Orlando Science Center Offers Immersive U2 3D Experience

A week ago I was at Croke Park in Dublin to catch U2 as they delivered a scorching set on their 30th Anniversary Joshua Tree Tour.  The show was excellent, but you can never get enough live U2, right?  As I caught up on my email, I was excited to see that the Orlando Science Center was offering a special screening of U2 3D for the next few weekends.  Perfect timing.

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Heirlooms: The Alarm: Strength

The Alarm: Strength, and Walk Forever By My Side

In our heirloom series we feature under-appreciated classics that are deserving of a bit more recognition and adulation. Today, I take a look at The Alarm’s 1985 classic Strength, with a deeper look into my favorite song from the album “Walk Forever By My Side,” including thoughts from the man who wrote it, Mike Peters.

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An Iron Maiden Virgin No More

Iron Maiden – Book of Souls Tour Tampa

As a twenty-year-old college DJ, I got my first taste of a hellacious British act that was the perfect fit for my late night heavy metal show. “Two Minutes to Midnight” was my first Iron Maiden go-to record, but there were plenty of other songs from the prolific UK quintet pouring through my headphones over the ensuing late nights cramped in my cozy booth.   In the decades that passed, I never saw the iconic band live, but on a dreary Sunday night in Tampa, that all changed.

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