Will Hunt THIRST FMF 2018

Will Hunt and Thirst Make Their Debut at Florida Music Festival

Thirst Offers Hard-Charging Set at Orlando’s FMF 2018

This year’s Florida Music Festival had a slot for Special Guest at 11:00 on the Main Wall Street Plaza Stage.  It is a prime time slot, requiring a powerful performance, and on Friday night, we witnessed just that with the debut appearance of Will Hunt’s new band THIRST.

THIRST is guitarist Clayton Sturgeon, bass player Ryan Salamone, and the acclaimed Hunt, one  of the State’s most accomplished drummers. For the past decade he has been the drummer for Evanescence who he heads back out on tour with this summer.

In the meantime,  the trio has started creating their own music.  Judging from our first taste at FMF, they will be offering up some powerful guitar rock.

Sturgeon who plays the Kurt Cobain parts in Nirvana tribute band Nirvanna, was a bit lost in the mix at FMF, but the bass and drums sounded good.  Hunt is ferocious behind the skins and on this night, dominated the performance.

Looking forward to seeing the new music from these three in the near future. In the meantime, there are a few hundred Orlando locals who were fortunate enough to be part of another Florida Music Festival moment, where the band made their debut.

Check out our photo gallery from the set:

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