Orlando’s Reverist Premieres “A Glimmer”

Reverist Shares Infectious New Single

I still remember the first time I saw Orlando’s Reverist. I was wrapping up my first night of coverage at the 2016 Florida Music Festival.

As I headed for my car, I found myself drawn to the sweet rock music drifting over from Wall Street.  The guys bouncing across the stage that night were Reverist, and they delivered an energetic, distinctive set of melodic rock, led by charismatic keyboardist/vocalist Omar Qazi. I left that night thirsting for more.

Reverist A Glimmer
Omar Qazi and Steve Addington are Reverist

Here’s a quote from our FMF review:

Frontman Omar Qazi has a distinctive voice and style, and pairs perfectly with the creatively unique drum stylings of Steve Addington.

On Friday, February 16th, Qazi and Addington take the next step in their journey with the release of their soaring new single “A Glimmer.”  The effervescent track highlights their eclectic, yet comfortable sound, and features poignant lyrics, catchy hooks  and pristine keyboards.

After being inspired by talented British band Keane, Qazi, taught himself to play piano and guitar as a creative release from the rigors of medical school.  Fortunately for us, Reverist was the result of that commitment and today that passion culminates with the release of song with true Indie hit potential.

“A Glimmer” is a song I wrote about the fleeting nature of relationships and how even the strongest foundations can crumble quickly. It’s incredibly pessimistic lyrically, but the tone of the song is meant to be upbeat and light as a symbol of taking a step back and accepting these uncertainties as part of one’s greater journey in life. – Omar Qazi

It’s time for the next big band out of Orlando… why not Reverist?

Crank up the volume and dance away to the premiere of their new track, “A Glimmer” and see what you think.


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