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Sham Pain – FFDP

Our esteemed panel of experts, The Union of Dunces is back to take a listen to the new single from Five Finger Death Punch. Lead singer Ivan Moody has been through a ton of crap the past few years, primarily around his addiction problems. It almost broke the band apart, but here they are with new music, as they tour the country. We’ll let our panel decide whether it was worth the wait…

The quick reviews (45 words or less) indicate that “Sham Pain” might be worthy of your attention. The opinions are mixed, but let me just state that the song title is one of the best I have heard in years…

  • Piks: I have always been a big fan of 5FDP and a bigger fan of Jeremy Spencer who is one of the great drummers in metal today. This song KICKS ASS!!! I am so glad to they have overcome their troubled past and look forward to more great music from them. Rating 4.5. Score: 4.5 out of 5 
  • Mad Apple: eneric metal with a big heavy sound and a singer who would be unemployed without Pro Tools. It’s not terrible, it’s just that Voivod does it better, especially in the vocal department. Score: 2
  • John V: I really liked it. The band sounded really tight and Moody’s vocals were spot on. Welcome back to the game.  Score: 5
  • Cretin: I love the title, like the lyrics and really wanted to love the song. I didn’t.  It’s just mediocre to my ears.  Maybe it’s time to break-up for good… Score: 3
  • Brian H: I liked it so much I had to listen to it again. A fan of 5 finger already they have upped their game with “Sham Pain.” From the very beginning guitar rifts you can tell this is going to be good and they deliver. Great tune. Highly recommend. Score: 5
  • Stace:  Not a big fan. Score: 3
  • Rara’s Girl: Big fan of a lot of FFDP music and very proud of Ivan for overcoming his addiction and continuing to make music. “Sham Pain” gets stuck in your head! If you lose it you’ll want to play it again so it sticks again! It’s that good! Score: 5

There you have it, a composite score of 3.9. That makes this one very good, and worthy of your attention, especially if you are a big fan of the band, as Five Finger Death Punch fans generally loved it.  Check out the video and decide for yourself:

Sham Pain (Official Video) by Five Finger Death Punch on VEVO.

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