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Our Union of Dunces Review “How Can You Stand There”

Nearly four decades after breaking into the UK Alternative scene with a lovable blending of ska, punk and pop, Dave Wakeling and The English Beat are back with a new album, Here We Go Love, which hits the streets June 15th.  Members of our newly anointed panel, the Union of Dunces shares their quick reviews of the new song “How Can You Stand There.”

Contributor Mad Apple sets the stage: “A young Dave Wakeling once asked Margaret Thatcher to stand down via a bouncy ska song. Nearly 40 years later he’s back with another upbeat song that carries just as heavy of a message. Instead of taking aim at the pompous, uppity politics of the British PM, he’s widened his scope to the people who put up with the lies our politicians tell us and the folks who deny climate change.”

The quick reviews (45 words or less) indicate that “How Can You Stand There” might be worthy of your attention, and that a few of our Union of Dunces suffer from attention issues…

  • Mad Apple: Welcome back Dave & the English Beat. It’s a good song with a great message. Score: 4 out of 5
  • Scott B: A perfectly acceptable and well-crafted pop song: a catchy beat, a sing in the car chorus with an interesting, albeit slightly, forced bridge. Obviously, air play is its purpose. I would love to see an highly energetic cover band rip this up at the shore. Score: 3
  • John V: Needed a bit more reggae and less pop for my liking, but no terrible.  Score: 3
  • Brian H: Interesting. Fun and groovy. Love the upbeat catchy lyrics and tempo. Score: 4
  • Stace:  That was a really good song. It was actually so good I forgot to review and listened to it around 6 times. Score: 4
  • Piks: I really, really wanted to like this or maybe it was my 17 year-old self who really wanted to like it, remembering the band from the early 80’s I liked so much. Well, this wasn’t them. Sounds like them but it just wasn’t there for me.Sorry Dave. Please keep trying. Score: 2.5 
  • Lisa P: Generally Reggae is not my thing, but I think it has timely lyrics. Wakeling has a unique voice. Instruments are expressive and the ska beat is prominent. Was upbeat and fun. Score: 3
  • Rara’s Girl: The minute I heard them I saw them in the perfect little eclectic beach town bar – OM bar – which sadly is no longer there. Upbeat and catchy tune with that relaxed chill Vibe. Their “Tears of a Clown” came to my mind while listening. Score: 4
  • Cretin: Wakeling still sounds like Wakeling.  The Beat still sounds like The Beat (and the dozens of English Beat imposters dotting today’s music scene). It’s groovy. It’s fun. Score: 3

There you have it, a composite score of 3.4. That makes this one above average, and worthy of your attention.  Check out the video and decide for yourself:

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