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Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent – Fail To Learn

Compelling New Rock From Tampa / St. Pete

I recently caught Jordan Esker at the Florida Music Festival, both solo, and with his full band The Hundred Percent. I came away from the event impressed by his soulful, guitar rock and was looking forward to the release of his new album Fail To Learn last week.

Unfortunately, my piece of crap, one year-old Dell PC ended up in the shop the day before the album was released. Today, it was finally fixed via Amazon for $60 versus the $200+ that Dell quoted me, but that’s a different story.  The silver lining? I finally had a chance to listen to the new Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent music today. And, I liked what I heard.

The album starts off with a quirky little indie rock gem, “Shelf Life.” The music on Fail To Learn boats a vibe quite different than the music that spotlighted his recent live sets, but it shows the diversity and talent of the band.

Stand out tracks included the epic “FILO,” which features sweet keys as it meanders across a distinctive canvas that actually triggered memories of old, dark Cure music… not that the band will ever be confused with Robert Smith and friends.  “No Point” is more of a traditional rocker that is catchy as hell, and the tender “Another Second Chance” which spotlights some of Esker’s strongest vocals is a powerful offering.

jordan esker fail to learnIn total, Fail To Learn boasts eleven diverse tracks worthy of your aural attention. Their are moments where you’ll hear soul influences, alt-rock, and emo influences, as well as a few songs that reminded me of Nebraska-era Springsteen. Give the entire album a listen and you are sure to find a handful of tracks that fit your taste.


Check out the entire album on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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