Dead Poet Society - Touch

Dead Poet Society – Touch

Powerful New Rock From So Cal

Dead Poet Society are a distinctive rock band that deserves to be on your new music radar. Earlier today, the Boston natives, turned So Cal denizens, premiered their infectious new song “Touch,” and the track is worthy of your attention.

Dead Poet Society’s sound is tough to classify, but their music is raucous, fun and entertaining, and best consumed at a loud volume! If I had to classify it as anything, I’d say “Touch” is the twisted love child of Jack White and Cage The Elephant.

The new track is built around an irresistible beat, gang vocals and plenty of distortion, perhaps due to the fact that these gents have seared off the frets from their guitars.  It’s a cool and refreshingly unique vibe.

“Touch” is ear candy guaranteed to worm it’s way into your conscience, and it’s our Song of the Day! Check out the premiere of “Touch” on I’m Music Magazine.

A special shout out to guitarist Jack Collins who does a fantastic DIY job of promoting his band.  That approach will only further endear the band to others in the industry…

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