Good Charlotte Actual Pain

Actual Pain from Good Charlotte

New Single from the Alt-Rock Legends

We got our ragtag group of music reviewers, The Union of Dunces back to listen to the new offering from Good Charlotte, “Actual Pain.”  The band has begun to fade from the rock scene over the past five years after the marginally received Your Authority.  They are about to release their seventh studio album Generation Rx and our crew was anxious to see what we had in store…

Generation Rx hits the streets on September 14th, and we will be waiting to check it out, as this band has certainly earned the right for another chance…

The quick reviews (45 words or less) indicate that “Actual Pain” is not great, but might be worthy of your attention. We’ll start with the best reviews and work are way down…

  • Lisa: Lyrics are ok. Not sure they expressed “actual pain” to me but… a bit better than their past music in terms of melody and musicality. Overall, I like tihs. Classic Good Charlotte with an anthem feel. Score: 3.5 out of 5 
  • Jim: I’m not a fan of music that relies on heavy use of syns and filters, but I could see an audience grooving to this in unison. Score: 3
  • Scott: I enjoyed the first 33 seconds very much and would have given it 4 stars if the song continued in that style. When it did kick in it dropped a star in my mind. Nothing new and untrodden from 33 seconds on. Regardless, it is a solid track. Score: 3
  • Tim: “Actual Pain” is what it would sound like if a show from the CW network went to Ibiza. Score: 3
  • JQ: “Actual Pain” could become a great singalong song for the teens/young adults. Too much concentration on the lyrics without a lot of their fun rhythm. Good Charlotte has many more songs I would listen to over this one.  Score: 2.5
  • Brian H: The song starts well but fizzles just as quickly. Was hoping for something a little “louder”. Great song if you are looking for Top 40, but not what I consider rock ‘n roll. Score: 2
  • John: I’m a little disappointed with the lack of edge on this track. I was expecting something with a little more bite from these guys. The “actual pain” was getting through this entire song. Better luck next time. Score: 2
  • Cretin: Good Charlotte – you bastards. Tease me with 35 seconds of awesome build up and then deliver a weak, contrived song with no passion or soul. After the intro, this is no better than the typical crap on SiriusXM. Score: 1.5

There you have it, a composite score of 2.6. That makes this one marginally good. Check out the video and decide for yourself if it is worthy of a download:

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