“Elderly Woman…” TBT- Song of the Day with Pearl Jam

As you may know, Pearl Jam is being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. This seems a bit weird as the band is one of those musical acts that have never really went away. What I mean to say is that they are  the rare entity that has remained relevant for the better part of 25 years. They perfectly melded the pure rock of Van Halen with the punky spike of The Ramones, with the earthiness of Neil Young. They came at a time when there was no apex, so they invented one, and did it well. The band has toured relentlessly, released numerous above-average records, and survived the music business with little to no marketing, which is no small feat.

There are so many songs that I love from the band, songs that can send you into a fervor, or pull on the heartstrings. So… because I’m selfish, I have two Pearl Jam Throw-back Thursday Songs of the Day. The first one “Elderly Woman Behind the Small Counter In a Small Town” from 1993’ Vs. showcases the bands more Neil Young side, but the power of that song lies in the observation of the woman in the lyrics. The profound chorus “hearts and thoughts fade away”, is a crowd favorite, and the song went on to chart on Billboard without ever being released as a single. It’s an acoustic song, but has been found to be more powerful than any of their edgier sounds.

The second is the short and sweet, pop-punk sounds of “MFC” from the Yield record. The song has ended up on many a driving mixed-tapes and always brings a smile to my face. Yield is one of my favorite Pearl Jam records, and “MFC” one of the best songs on that record.

So.. Cheers to Pearl Jam.. Cheers to Throw back Thursdays, and Cheers from RARASfarm.


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