Veltlite Pilgrim

SOTD: Veltlite – Pilgrim

Compelling New Music from Veltlite

“Pilgrim” is the kind of song that instantly draws you in—with a folky vibe and catchy beat, it is truly one of a kind. Veltlite is new artist from Spring City, Pennsylvania, and his music is a refreshing blend of Americana and rock.

Based off of the Amish word “Veltlite,” which refers to outsiders of the church and “hell-bound souls,” the artist is making quite a stir. “Pilgrim” has the kind of soul that many songs lack; Veltlite gives off raw emotion with a southern voice, and complements the lyrics perfectly with the violin.

Veltlite actually recorded most of the song himself, at home – a feat which took him over two years to accomplish. This unique sound, which he brings to the table, displays the effort and time that he put into creating the piece. It’s an interesting song that brings a new light to the Americana and Folk genres.

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