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SOTD: Skull and Bones- The 10x ft. Ben Schuller

“Skull and Bones” by The 10x, featuring Ben Schuller, incorporates an easy-going guitar rhythm, catchy beat, and thought-provoking vocals.

A refreshing addition to the pop-rock genre, “Skull and Bones” sounds almost to be a mix of a newer band, The 1975, with a classic sound, similar to U2. There truly is no comparison though—The 10x has created a sound that is unique to them only.

The words highlight an internal struggle, according to Jeff Gingrich, singer/songwriter of The 10x, and wishing that one’s environment would encourage them to succeed. Furthermore, it’s about pushing to reach goals and being true to oneself even when life becomes challenging.

When Gingrich moved to Nashville, he began writing “Skull and Bones” for his full length LP, which is nearing completion.

One night before bed, he was listening to a demo he had created four years earlier that only included guitar. “As I was listening, part of the words came to me,” said Gingrich, “and I could hear a lot of the ideas that ended up being in the song.”

Interestingly enough, the entire song was recorded in a bedroom, where two friends of Gingrich helped in the production and mixing process. Ben Schuller, a rising pop artist from Michigan, is featured in the second verse of “Skull and Bones.” In total, “Skull and Bones” took five months to write, record, and finish.

The 10x are doing monthly tours to hit towns around America, and are hoping to come to Florida sometime in July.

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