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SOTD: The Bats – No Trace

New Zealand’s The Bats Return with No Trace

Today I review a wonderful new song by New Zealand based band, The Bats. At first sound the dreamy light melody of “No Trace” has a distinctive signature melody. What more could you expect from a band who has been around since 1982 and never once changed their members.

It’s inherent from listening to “No Trace” that the group has an intrinsic and compatible gift that make the foursome unquestionably unique. Robert Scott’s amazing lyrics about his worldview to the regretful longing and guttural vocals present at certain parts of the song make you flushed with reverence.  Then there is Bassist, Paul Kean’s clean melodies and it’s then that you know, without a question, that this song is very much a love song.

Drummer Malcolm Grant has a way with the drums, reminding you of a cadence you would hear at a rally calling for those to rise into the ranks of solicitous revolt. Then there’s the amazing Kaye Woodward whose guitar leads twist and bend, dripping with declaration and her subtle, yet angelic vocals lying underneath Scott’s vocals are a breath of fresh air. The song has a fulfilling sense that the music you hear is played and created by those who care for each other and the purity of their musical stylings. It’s no wonder that they are considered one of New Zealand’s greatest treasures.

“No Trace” can be found on the Bats’ new album The Deep Set on Flying Nun Records. For more info on The Bats and their new album, check out their website HERE.

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