The Cranberries Something Else

Something Else – The Cranberries

Album Review: The Cranberries’ Something Else

Something Else, the latest release from The Cranberries, is a sweet homage to their older songs as well as a bright introduction to something new.

The album consists of a ten classic Cranberries hits made acoustic. Songs such as “Zombie”, “Linger” and “Ode to My Family”, just to name a few are redone to showcase the band’s maturity and growth since their original releases. As these are a bit different from the first release, there is no worry. We still get Dolores O’Riordan’s sweet vocals and the support from her band members, as well as the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Nostalgic and bittersweet, the album also has three new songs for your listening pleasure. Continuing on with familiar themes, the Irish band recreates their genre – relentlessly hitting the same mood in their newer licks. The ghostly yet dreamy tone is definitely set in the new song “Rupture”.

The Cranberries Something Else

This is a definite great listen for older fans and a good introduction to the band for new generations to come. Something Else pays a nice homage to The Cranberries youth as well as finding a perfect fit for three new hits.

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