5° on the Inside

Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices Debut Hundreth LP; New Video

5° on the Inside – Guided by Voices

Guided By Voices has been entertaining a loyal cult of fans with new indie alternative releases for over thirty years. Frontman Robert Pollard has just achieved a rare level of accomplishment, having released his 100th LP, August by Cake, joined by some of the evolving lineup of musicians who join him in GBV.

Before the album’s release, a music video was released on Tidal for their new alt-pop hit “5° on the Inside.” The track is upbeat and catchy, with lots of bright, enthusiastic horns and relatable, driven lyrics.  It might be simple, but it still has  the slight edge and low-fi vocals that remind fans of GBVs old cassette tape recordings.

Because they have been playing for so long, there are over thirty years of more subtle pop and rock influences to be heard in their sound. You can hear the old-school hipster feel of Pavement, classic horns like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and even a more despondent vocal delivery like The Smiths. Guided by Voices is a group that cannot really be pigeonholed. They come off as lively and talented but relatable and chill. Their vibe is down to earth but able to appeal to cult fans and hip trendsetters alike.

Fortunately Tidal is not necessary to watch the new video for “5° on the Inside.” It is filmed to create a left eye-right eye effect while you watch two videos at once. Both settings are simple, just a record store and the streets of a small town – very blue collar appeal. The video begins with a quote from Orville Wright inspiring the video with the notion that “the airplane stays up because it never has time to fall.” The influence of the quote makes sense with the song’s lyrics including “curse at the sky for not getting higher.” Overall the video and song maintain a solid, bouncy energy that is great for summer time. Hopefully August by Cake has some summer hits and more but will still embrace Guided By Voices’ developed indie sound.

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