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Review of Bear Fight’s New Single Harlem

Harlem – New Indie Rock from Bear Fight

Well done. Bear Fight wins this round with their new single.

“Harlem” has everything needed to provoke the listener to listen to it over and over.  At first, the lyrics seem to suggest an unrequited love situation. But this is not the case. It is more about the hardships a band can experience just trying to get heard and understood, the hardships of a city.

History could also be included in the undertones because Harlem is rich with history, and so is music.  Yep, a band trying to get their art off the ground in the backdrop of a city whose heart is in the right place but can be cruel just the same is the perfect storm for a great piece.

“Harlem” is infused with vintage guitars paired with layers of other classic nuances. You can hear the soul of the city in the mastery of the composition.

Bear Fight is from California so you can imagine the stark difference between their home state and the grittiness of the current location of the tune. This is where the honesty shines when you hear the line, “Been in Harlem for a week and its left me broken in the streets.” You just want to drop those guys on a plane back to some sunshine. But, the struggle is fodder for creativity so hold off on the tickets for a bit.

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