Pierce the Veil Debuts New Music Video

Floral and Fading – New Music from Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil recently debuted a music video for their new, and charming as hell, pop punk track, “Floral and Fading”. It’s a classic emo hit that might seem shockingly overproduced and synthy if you aren’t used to Fearless Records, but there is something to be said for that sticky sweet and nostalgic 3rd wave emo sound. Lighthearted delivery of suicidal lyrics, a music video that nods to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and the never forgotten “woah-oh” laced breakdown together are oddly classic at this point.

So the music video is a perfect fit, set at a literally classic 1960s bowling alley  where a not-so-famous and oh-so-dorky Pierce the Veil put on a spontaneous show for high school age kids, complete with the spontaneous mosh pit we’ve all come to expect from our clichéd pop punk videos.

Despite the mosh pit this track is not heavy at all. It’s just not heavy. Cute as hell and enjoyably cliche but if you want heavy…it’s just not heavy. I expect that live they will bring a mosh worthy version of this track and will be worth checking out during Rockville and the rest of their upcoming tour.

Check out the video here and let us know what YOU think :

Liz Peña

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