New Cold War Kids

New Cold War Kids

Can We Hang On? – New Single from Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids have released a new single from the album L.A. Divine out today, 3/7/17. If you have been anticipating their fresh offerings, it is good to know the wait is over. The single “Can We Hang On?” comes to us with promises of more honest, soul driven fare. The song asks the timeless questions in any long term relationship. Where did our passion and obsession go? Can we survive what is happening? Moreover, what in the hell happens tomorrow?

These are weighty questions indeed, but Nathen Willett’s sincere vocal style crescendos pass the lyrics’ vulnerable, raw uncertainty into the realms of hope. In harmony with the matter at hand, the instruments carry us along. Percussions seemingly beat in each memory of the past. Notes from the keyboard bring the unknown, and the strings let us know its serious but doable.

Nostalgia, doubts and the ability to keep the faith can always use a good anthem. We can hang on to see if this one is it.

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