Milky Chance Ego

Milky Chance Ego Review

Milky Chance Ego Single Review

A unique singing voice and clever lyrics highlight”Ego,” a catchy new tune from Milky Chance. The song makes the listener think; and anything today that requires thought is refreshing. Is the singer talking about his ego or someone special in his life? It comes across as both in a sort of stream of consciousness battle within his thoughts. Of course in the end it doesn’t really matter how we interpret the meaning. The band has forced the act of interpretation and that is much more valuable.

The band defines the song as an “elegant fusion of upbeat acoustic guitars, shimmering electronics, and unshakable vocals.” All true. My one criticism of the piece is that it never breaks out with that soulful, mournful 30-second soliloquy revealing how the artist really feels. That would have made the song memorable.

Rock On!
Steve Wildwood

“Ego” is another of the singles off of their forthcoming second full-length album, Blossom [Republic Records]—arriving in stores and at all digital retailers March 17, 2017. More info here: Milky Chance Facebook.

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