Merry Go Round – Tors

The Indie-Folk four piece band Tors is releasing a much anticipated EP entitled Merry Go Round next month and judging by the title track, which was released this week, there is much to get excited about. On the criteria of meaningful lyrics, vocal harmonics, and dance-ability, the band gets high marks across the board.

In their lyrics, these four gentlemen have captured the heartache, desperation, and loneliness of trying to find love using the contrary, happy image of a merry-go-round. Moreover, the the title track, “Merry Go Round, is written about a woman; and if we’re being honest the double standard of women “having” to find love is still very much alive in our society today. The song captures the repetition of a young woman going round and round trying to find love and each night the “lights go out and the ride shuts down.” The band acts as cheerleaders pleading with God or fate or the universe “to just let her out” by finally finding love. It’s refreshing to hear four young males empathizing with their opposite gender so well.

The harmony of the four voices and the vocal gymnastics of the lead singer combine to make this a very pleasant listening experience. There are some tricky rhythm shifts along the way but the song seems to gather momentum as it goes along and it sweeps the listener up into both the plight of the subject and the beat of the music.

The band’s claim is that the new EP will “demonstrate a strong and undeniably diverse repertoire of new material.” I, for one, am looking forward to discovering what they have in store for us.

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