Junior Bruce Interview from ScenePointBlank

Our hard rocking friends at ScenePointBlank on the West Coast recently interviewed Florida rockers Junior Bruce. The band hails from Deland, right near our Orlando headquarters, and they dish out aggressive death metal. Here’s a snippet from the interview.

“Florida death metal has always had an influence in all of our projects. It is pretty much ingrained in most heavy music from here. Way back in the ’90s you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting someone in a Cannibal Corpse or Deicide shirt,” says Scott Angelacos, vocalist for Junior Bruce, who hail from Deland, which is about 30 miles north of Orlando. “At one point one of my old bands practiced at a spot in Orlando that everyone used to call The Porno Palace. It was a huge two-story building with individual practice spaces inside. There had to be like 20 bands there, most of them being metal in some form.

Check out the full interview here: Scene Point Blank Interviews Junior Bruce.

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