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Jessie Early “Body Can’t Hold”

Song of the Day from Nashville’s Jessie Early

Indie pop artist Jessie Early is releasing her new EP Wild Honey on March 31. “Body Can’t Hold” is one of the debut singles. Early is from Nashville, where many great artists have emerged through the years. There seems to be a bit of musical magic in that place, and it looks like Jessie got a wave of the wand.

The lyrics in “Body Can’t Hold” are smart, intuitive, and thoughtful. Our emotions are complex, and at times we are at a loss for words to describe what we are experiencing. Well, Jessie does a superb job poetically expressing her truths. Her voice is soothing and sweet, and this makes the language of the song surprising.

The track’s accompanying sound has a lot going on, yet it comes together quite well. Husband Aaron Early provides compelling percussion, which includes the snares and rototoms. Producer, Jeromy Larson added the string sample, giving us an ethereal, lovely sound. It’s solid, but your feet are a little off the ground.

This single does have a pop feel to it. You can listen without really thinking and please excuse the old cliche; it is a catchy tune. But, if listened to with ears wide open you will find the soul of this song and the spirit embodied within.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy something that has a sprinkling of that Nashville magic. You may find yourself singing the words that got stuck in your head, but the “Body Can’t Hold” it when it hears that sound.

Early’s upcoming debut EP, Wild Honey, out March 31. Beginning today, fans can pre-order the EP at iTunes and receive an immediate download of the first three singles; “Heart,” “Holy Ghost,” and “Body Can’t Hold.”

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