Interview with Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman Shares Words of Wisdom

Last weekend at Florida Music Festival, we were lucky enough to have Kevin Lyman, the founder of Warped Tour, roaming around the festival and appearing at conference sessions. Lyman is the kind of person everyone hopes to be if they become famous—approachable, kind, and down to earth.

Though Lyman lives in California full-time, he is often seen in other parts of the country, traveling for work. Just last month he was in Orlando for the Warped Tour line-up announcement, where he advised journalists and students, and held a question and answer session with the group.

Lyman is the type of person you can walk up to for the first time, get into a conversation with, and feel like you’ve known one another for forever after five minutes. That’s just who he is. Because of that, so many people can get advice from him, and put it to use in their daily lives. That being said, I got the chance to interview him officially, hoping to grab some tips for those interested in going into music, or, you know… being successful at anything in life.

Kevin Lyman at Florida Music Festival
Kevin Lyman gathered together with other panelists for a group photo. Photo: Jaydee Grice
What initially got you into music itself?

Really just a love of live music. I didn’t really grow up with it—there was music around the house, but it was all of the sudden when I was in college. The first week of college there were concerts that I thought were so awesome.

Was there any particular band that really started you on your love of live music? 

I went to a Van Morrison show and I loved it, I thought he was so great. Just the live music experience was something I fell in love with.

Is that what led you to what you do now?

I kind of accidentally fell into working with music, I just needed a job. I had just gotten home from living in Hawaii, I was working at a weight loss camp for girls. I came home and I was broke and needed a job. I had done shows in college and put on shows, and someone said there was a job in a club, and I said, ‘I can do that.’ So I went and started working in clubs.

So what kind of job was it initially?

It was loading equipment, setting up stages, cleaning and setting up dressing rooms—the basic stuff, really. You know, sweeping floors.

So you really just started from the very bottom?

Oh yeah.

Looking back now, are you proud of all that you have done, coming so far in the industry?

I feel lucky that I have been able to do it. Now I’m more proud of things the kids come up to me and tell me, like ‘I saw your work’, or ‘I met you somewhere and now I’ve been inspired to do something else’.

Kevin Lyman will soon be on tour with Van’s Warped Tour, which has three stops in Florida. There, eager fans and aspiring music industry students will have their own chance to talk with him, and get his advice for themselves.

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