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Rockin’ Performance + Interview with Alex Di Leo

Singer and songwriter Alex Di Leo was one of the artists to make an appearance at the Florida Music Festival in Orlando this weekend. He played the Church Street stage on Saturday, and put on a lively show that got the audience moving. Starting out the show with his most popular hit, “So We Go”, Alex’s performance was an energetic blend of alternative and pop that captivated fans.

Alex Di Leo
Florida Music Festival’s Church Street Stage – Photo: Jaydee Grice

Alex is a solo artist from Fort Lauderdale who is up and coming in the world of music. Right now, he is getting ready for his first festival and tour, and has some new music in the works as well. Sitting down with Alex Di Leo, here is a look into what is going on in his world right now.

New Music, Touring, and a Festival Performance All In The Works

Let’s start with “So We Go”, that’s your most popular song as of right now, correct?

Based on Spotify right now, that’s the one that’s climbing quite a lot, and for the past couple of months it’s just continued. I mean, I called the EP So We Go, and I’m going on my first tour—I called it “So We Go”. I based the whole EP basically on what that song means, and the inspiration that came out of that.

So what inspired you to write “So We Go”?

Past relationships, and a lot of the EP has to do with always thinking positively and upbeat. At the time when I was writing that, I was kind of thinking about how it’s really important in life to take risks and try new things. That’s what the song is about—falling in love, being in the moment, and also it’s about going back to, like, that very first time you felt that connection with a person, and wanting to continuously be in that moment with them.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve written, and why?

I think my favorite song that I’ve written hasn’t come out yet, and I’m in the process of going to record it. It’s called “Promise”. I think it’s my favorite just by how naturally the lyrics came, and the chorus. But off of the EP I would have to go with “So We Go” as well, just because of what the song means itself.

How long have you been playing music?

I started when my Grandma randomly gave me an acoustic guitar for my birthday. She’s dating this guy who plays music for a hobby, and I guess he inspired her. When she gave it to me, I was like, “what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” So I started figuring it out, and a few years later put a band together.

I put several bands together throughout middle school and high school and won a lot of Battle of the Bands and Talent Shows and stuff like that, so I was like, “I wonder if I could do this a little more”. So I did. Before I was a solo artist I was in a hard rock group called “Wyld Fly”, and we wrote together for about 2 ½ years. Last year is really when I really became an official solo artist. I started recording last January, putting the band together, and playing shows.

Alex Di Leo’s lively performance – Photo: Jaydee Grice

Obviously you’re here in Orlando, but what other cities have you played around Florida?

I haven’t played too many. I’ve played Orlando once, played in Gainesville once. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are really my home ground right now. I’ll be playing Sunfest on May 7th. It’s a huge festival in West Palm Beach, like five days long, and from what I’ve heard, there tends to be a fuck ton of people there, so I’m excited. That’ll be the biggest stage I’ve played on so far.

Then after that, literally that day we fly out to Los Angeles and we’re doing a two week tour on the West Coast. Five cities in central California, around the Fresno area. Then Seattle, Portland, that’ll be like my first actual tour. My first festival combined with my first tour, and the tour is going to be called “So We Go”. I’m excited.

So you talked about the one song you haven’t released yet—“Promise”. Are you planning to release a new EP, LP, or single? What’s in the works?

So right now I’m planning to release a single in May, it’s going to be called “Strange Open Land”, and I think we’re playing it tonight. It’s got this like, folky alternative dance thing to it. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. But I’m excited about playing it, it’ll be our first time playing it live. Right now I’m basically following the EP up with some singles.  I’ll probably do like three singles before my next EP. That’s pretty much what I’ve got going on right now.

You can hear some of Alex Di Leo’s music on Spotify, or check out his Instagram.

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