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Hair Band Video Quiz

So you think you know your hair band videos.  Most of these are iconic videos from hair bands from the 80’s with a few that drifted into the nineties. Take our quiz here and see how well you can remember these iconic videos.

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Which Hair Band video kicks off with this beauty dancing across two cars?

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The dancer is model/actress Tawny Kitaen...

If you remember the album cover this one should be a snap.

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The album was titled Sign In Please

This mask played a prominent role in two of this band's videos

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The other video was "Bang Your Head."

This 80's Hair Band video included a bunch of flying

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The song was actually about DLR's car

In this screen shot the stars of the video meet the band members after school lets out

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We figured the shot of the nuns would have been too obvious...

This acoustic song was this band's biggest hit

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Actually their one and only big hit...

These guys were just kids when this hit was released

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They probably ended up as the most commercially successful band on this list.

Always a fun video when you are shooting at a strip club

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I wonder how much more risque this would be if shot today...

This band's first huge hit on a hugely successful album

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Look What the Cat Dragged in boasted four hit singles

Our finale. You should recognize this hair

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This character was repeated on a few videos

Do you know your Hair Band Videos
Motley Crue
You must have had a life in the 80's, or been too young, or too old, or were an Air Supply fan...
Skid Row
You must have had a life in the 80's, or been too young, or too old, or were an Air Supply fan...
Mr. Big
10 for 10! Amazing... ok, and a little scary. But, the bottom line: you know your hair band videos. Congrats on nailing the quiz! "You can be on top for once..."
Great White
You know your Hair Band videos. "You got the rhythm, you got the speed..."

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