Freedom Fry – Awake

Song of the Day: Freedom Fly – Awake

Freedom Fry - AwakeUpon first hearing this new song from Freedom Fry, I was immediately reminded of Of Monsters and Men.  The upbeat and clever combination of whistles, guitars, and male/female vocal play had me singing the chorus at various times during the day.

This type of folksy indie rock must have deep roots in Europe as OM&M hails from Iceland and half of this duo comes from France. In any event, the song is catchy and a definite mood improver. The lyrics are fresh and obviously represent personal aspects of their lives which always makes songs more interesting.

The band describes “Awake” as “our ode to those moments when life feels vivid and you feel like you’re on the right path.”  The latter part of that quote certainly describes how I feel about this band.

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