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FMF 2017 Featured great Music and Content

The Rarasfarm team invaded this year’s Florida Music Festival over the weekend and truly soaked in all that this unappreciated festival has to offer.  I’ve attended the artist showcases the last several years, and love discovering new music.  This year was no different as far as the music was concerned, but I also drank in the panel discussions and industry events – and I was just as impressed with those offerings.

FMF 2017. Dizzle Phunk. Photo: Jay Verdesca

The music showcases ran nonstop for three nights across eight stages. In total, there were well over 100 acts, and our collective team probably sampled half of them.  The bands come from a diverse cross-section of  genres, but the great majority delivered compelling, entertaining sets for the rockers we assembled for the event.  And just like last year, FMF2017 presented all of the showcases at no cost, that’s right… 3 nights of totally free music!

The showcase set-up this year was the perfect recipe for die-hard music fans, as two locations featured nonstop music on multiple stages, and every venue featured $3 pints of Miller Lite.  The Church Street and Wall Street areas both offered 3 stages within a one minute walk of each other.  Paradise…

We will have plenty more to come on the great music we sampled, and the killer artists we hung out with, but for this piece, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of the other things that make this event such a bargain for local musicians and others toiling in this unforgiving business.

FMF2017, Carly Jo Jackson. Photo: Jay Verdesca
FMF 2017, Carly Jo Jackson. Photo: Jay Verdesca

The conference that accompanies the showcases featured some fantastic events.  Panels explored compelling topics such as “The Business of Music,” a look at trends impacting and drastically changing today’s music industry, and “Book My Band.” The panel members were an impressive cross-section of agents, managers, publicists, label reps and entertainment lawyers, and their advice was priceless.  But if you weren’t there… you’re out of luck because all of those nuggets were for the folks who made the commitment to be there.

The general consensus of the dialogue was that today’s up-and-coming bands need to work their asses off.  Nothing comes easy and there are precious few opportunities to break through, but those odds improve markedly when the artists are pounding the streets, working social media and always pimping their product.  Many local artists could have learned quite a bit in those panels.


I was also able to check out two of the industry events, which were sponsored by Player Law, Stephanie Christie Entertainment, BMI and BandBasher, both great networking opportunities and a chance to sample some tasty apps and free brews.  Player and Christie were omnipresent throughout the weekend and clearly share a passion for this event.  The only person who may have been more noticeable was Keynote Speaker Kevin Lyman who was all over the festival, mixing with industry, artists and fans constancy. (Our Jaydee Grice will be publishing her interview with him shortly).

FMF2017 exceeded my expectations and will be a ‘can’t miss’ event for our staff in upcoming years.  It needs to be an event that garners more support from Florida media, music fans and bands, because this is a gift to the Orlando area.  We’ll do our part next year.  Will you?

For more information on FMF2017, check out their Facebook page: Florida Music Festival.

FMF2017, AlexDiLeo. Photo: Jay Verdesca
FMF 2017, AlexDiLeo. Photo: Jay Verdesca


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