JANANI- First To Fall

First To Fall – JANANI

JANANI Releases “First To Fall”

JANANI’s new single, “First To Fall”, is out today, Friday 2/3. The song is a scorching rocker that provides a great glimpse into what this dynamic Orlando band is all about.  We chatted with the band about the song. Check out what they had to share and then give “First To Fall” a listen or twelve.

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The killer new track was recorded at 8Arm Studios with Traverser’s talented David Medairos and is available on digital retailers now.

  • Tell us about the creative process for “First To Fall”?
    J – It started something like this: Nathan and I messed around with an idea on acoustic and vocals, then Erick came in and added a funky bass line, and eventually Anthony joined in with some sick drums.
  • Nathan – J and I wrote it acoustically at first. Then Erick and Anthony came in and added a whole new dimension with the rhythm section.
  • Erick – The song really started off with this rockin’ guitar riff that kind of drives the whole song. It was obvious it was going to be powerful and high-energy from the beginning.
  • Anthony – When it came to writing drums for “First To Fall” it was a bit eye opening for me. I approached this song with a few ideas,: try to keep it relatively simple, while also providing a lot of energy. The drums in this song are dynamic and offer several changes in rhythm and timing without sounding overbearing or pretentious. It’s a loud rock song with fun little musical ideas that I think will please a wide variety of fans.

Can you share a bit about the “FirstTo Fall” lyrics?

  • J- I like to leave the songs up for interpretation, so I won’t give too much away, but my lyrics always have some personal truth to them. Just think of the tug-of-war that a heart would have if an old flame showed back up. I was dealing with my inner demons and trying to decide what was right for me. If it ends badly the first time, you don’t want to be the first to fall again.
  • Anthony – Well I can’t speak for J but to me the lyrics deal with heartbreak and the struggles that come with it while ultimately not letting it consume you. All the lyrics of this song are delivered with an intense passion and wouldn’t be the same without J’s expert performance.


Will there be a video?

  • J- For sure! Something will be in the works soon.

When will local fans get to hear you play “First To Fall” live?

  • J- Right after the release! We are performing two times at Sanford Music Fest on February 4th ・ 12:30pm and 11pm.
  • Anthony – We also have a ton of shows after that fans can find on our Facebook page. I encourage everyone to go see all of them.

What’s next on the horizon?

  • J- We’ll be finishing up our album and playing lots of shows this year! Definitely check our social media for updates. (and give a Like to JANANI on Facebook)
  • Erick- Looking forward to some crazy and memorable live shows.
  • Anthony – The Future holds a lot of mystery! We intend to solve that mystery by playing a bunch of loud shows, making videos, writing more music, and growing together as a band constantly refining our sound and improving our show!
  • Nathan – Record the rest of this dope album.

Based on this excellent new song, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

First To FallCheck it out on iTunes

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