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Show Review: Emo Night Orlando

So this group of emo kids walks into a bar, then another, then more, and even more after that. No, it’s not the beginning of a bad joke, but what actually happened at The Social in downtown Orlando, until it was packed to capacity on February 4th.

Why were there so many young people here that shared this common bond? Because Emo Nite L.A. was presenting Emo Nite Orlando, of course. Emo Nite L.A. is the brainchild of L.A. based musician and DJ T.J. Petracca, Babs Szabo and Morgan Freed. Originally it was just a house party that a few hundred people showed up to, and then they asked for more like it…

I thought it was going to be a showcase of local or traveling bands focused in the emo genre, but it was only Petracca and his crew, an assistant DJ, and someone selling merch in the back. Shirts, hoodies, and hats emblazoned with phrases like “Sad AF” and “Every Night is Emo Nite” being sold to young people who felt that it described them perfectly.

The events the young man originally put on were called “Taking Back Tuesday”, Petracca paying homage to a favorite band of his, Taking Back Sunday, and have featured guest DJs, such as Travis Barker of Blink 182 fame, but there were no celebrities making an appearance during the Orlando show.

The Social, being the small space that it is, was packed to the gills with partygoers and despite being decorated with balloons that read “Sad As F**k”, had an atmosphere that was anything but. The girls behind the bar poured drink after drink as song after song played. The audience danced nonstop, and knew most every word to every song.

Hits from bands like My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, and Paramore blasted from the monitors on stage, the crowd loving them all, gyrating and moving to their favorite songs, the lyrics reminding them all of their common heritage.

The place got even rowdier as Petracca invited everyone in the building to join him onstage, saying, “This is not a show, it’s a party!” Truth is, he was right. This was a party! A party like the ones we used to go to, or dream of going to during high school. But nobody’s house was getting trashed, no one’s parents were going to come home and throw us all out, and no lame music was played.

All the memories of their youths came flooding back, each track a nostalgic link to the past. All the stresses of adult life, jobs, and bills, and student loans were washed away, everyone was living in the moment. It was then that I realized what Emo Nite was all about. It offered an escape from the mundanity of the daily grind, a chance to relive the glory of youth, or at least the brief moments of bright lights in an otherwise dark place.

There was a time, when being an emo kid meant that you were the weird kid. The one who was introverted and wore black all the time. Always outcast, never seeming to fit in well with the other kids. But the music spoke to you. It lit your way through the darkest moments, lifting you out of times of despair. The guys in the bands speaking to you, saying the things you wanted to say, your voice when you had none.

Now, the emo kids had each other in the same room, bound together, despite the fact that they had gone to different schools, at different times, freed from the confines of time and space. Now they had this night, unified through their common love of music.

So this group of emo kids walk into a bar, and have an awesome night! I highly recommend that if you want to have an awesome night like the one we had, get yourself to an Emo Nite L.A. presents… wherever you might live. You can find out more by visiting their site: https://emonite.com/?variant=32250279692 , which has info about the different show dates, and also merch for sale, if you feel the need to express your emo side.

They also have the typical social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and their ilk. Since I am more of a Facebook person, I will share that site with you as well, so you can keep up with all the latest news from Petracca and his friends who are sad af, (not really, they were a blast to be around) here: https://www.facebook.com/emonightla/?hc_ref=SEARCH . If you did happen to go to this event, you may see yourself in pictures on their page, and while you are visiting Facebook pages, why not visit ours, https://www.facebook.com/rarasfarm/ and keep up with all the latest rock news from around central Florida, reviews of great albums, and more!

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