The Darker My Horizon – Dear Olivia

Song of the Day: The Darker My Horizon – Dear Olivia

The Darker My Horizon - Dear OliviaUK rockers The Darker My Horizon have delivered an anthemic new track that brings back fond memories of classic rock, in the vein of legendary 80’s hard rock bands.  “Dear Olivia” is the latest song featured off of the band’s new album No Superhero and it’s a track perfectly suited for rock radio.

The song starts with militaristic drums tapping out the cadence before the song explodes into a guitar-driven anthem. The vocals are distinctive and fresh, especially compared to most of the music flooding the market these days. Paul Stead’s voice reminds me a bit of Klaus Meine, but he certainly offers his own flair. It’s the perfect recipe for a rock hit: hard-driving guitars, bass and drums paired with kick ass vocals. One of the highlights of “Dear Olivia” are the lead guitar tradeoffs that power the song throughout.

We asked lead singer Paul Stead to explain the story behind the lyrics: “Lyrically, the inspiration for Dear Olivia came from the perspective of a letter that someone in the armed-forces leaves their loved one/s, should the worse happen. I have the greatest respect for those that put their life on the line, so we can keep ours – and in this case I wanted to give a slightly different side to this, in regards to emotion and for the person/people who live with possible loss hanging over them.”

Check it out:

As an added bonus for fans of the band, The Darker my Horizon have also made their debut album “Acquiesce” available for FREE download at and

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