Capitol Cities Swimming Pool Summer

Capital Cities – Swimming Pool Summer

Swimming Pool Summer EP Review
Jaydee Grice

Swimming Pool Summer is just how it sounds– a great playlist for the growing heat and days spent swimming. It has a very unique sound, typical of Capital Cities, but even more electronic than most of their previous releases.

Capitol Cities Swimming Pool Summer

“Drop Everything” toys with a very trippy electronic style that Capital Cities doesn’t usually dabble in, but it is definitely a good sound for them. It is reminiscent of something that Tame Impala would write, and they have a nice style.

The beachy vibe that “Drifting” has is perfect for the album. It does a great job of carrying the theme of relaxation, chilling out with friends, and being out in the sun. The sound of the song really does make it feel as if the listener is drifting, which is a really cool aspect to see in a song.

The remix of “Swimming Pool Summer” brings to light some aspects of the song that may have gone unnoticed before. It serves a really great place on the album by bringing a fresh sound to the original song. It stays true to the nature of the album, though, given that it has electronic sounds and beachy vibes.

In all, Capital Cities has really outdone themselves with this EP. They did well in terms of the timing of the release of the song, given that the vibes really match these summer days. So, grab your sunscreen and a towel, and add Swimming Pool Summer to your summer playlist.

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