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Campbell L. Sangster’s single Odds Are Stacked

New Music from Campbell L. Sangster

If you were to delve into Campbell L. Sangster’s (a.k.a Lin Sangster) background, you would find quite an impressive resume. Originally from Liverpool, now in London, she has been on the music scene since the eighties. She has composed/scored music for several documentaries, feature films, and T.V., been in a few bands and had two sessions with John Peel on BBC.

Although described as an indie-folk artist, her new single “Odds Are Stacked” doesn’t exactly fit in a box. Thank goodness for that because when we widen our musical horizons surprising things happen. Sangster’s acoustic guitar intro in “Odds Are Stacked” gives us a moment of tranquility but soon builds to urgency. Her plangent voice has the faint ghostly quality of Marlene Dietrich. You can hear the wounds in Sangster’s vocal and lyrics.

A woman with a strong and masculine presence does not mean that her soul can’t bruise.  The lines in the song, “odds are stacked, and it’s like every mean face I’ve ever known is looking down at me” feel very personal for Campbell L. Sangster. But, no matter one’s sexual orientation, anyone who is the so-called unconventional, a minority, or an outsider, this work could very well resonate.

The accompanying stunning and surreal video deals with a young girl’s perception of the issues in her world. But, this piece is fitting for our social and political environment now. Sangter’s lyrics ask how it’s going to be. Many of us have been wondering the same thing.

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