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Bobby Shoebotham: SOTD

Song of the Day: “Drown” – Bobby Shoebotham

I have no idea who Bobby Shoebotham is, but I am pretty damn sure I want to party with him and his buds. “Drown” is a feverish punk rock ditty that’s an absolute blast to listen to.  It’s the first song off of his forthcoming EP and leaves me thirsting for more.

“I wrote this song at work in about half an hour during a fairly ethically sticky period of my life. It’s essentially about getting to a certain passage of time and realising you’re not really who you wanted to be when you were young, and actually almost definitely would have been disgusted if your younger self could see you now.”

The distinctively voiced Shoebotham clearly does not take himself too seriously, but under the silliness, there’s some compelling music.  The accompanying video is a wacky collage of photos from the talented performer and his friends.  It’s amateurish, but lovable and hard to divert your eyes from. Check it out.

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