Panic In Eden – In the Company of Vultures

From the opening lick of the first single from Panic In Eden’s record In the Company of Vultures, It is clear that the swampy quintet is out to make a statement. The dirty fuzz of guitars sound louder than usual on a record that burns bright with the clearcut sound of raw energy. I guess it’s fitting that the band is from the grit of Los Angeles, the sound is vintage LA, but encapsulates a something that could be mid-70’s America. Three part harmonies, dual guitars, and an almost southern delivery, dare I say that it’s a rock n roll revival.

Panic In EdenLead track “Out For Blood” almost gets it as the opening guitar is searing with lead vocalist Pierce Humke keeping an even keel. “Who’s to Blame”, is a comforting change of pace as a nod to Appalachia and has a nice Zeppelin III vibe to it, and a beautiful harmony as part of the verse. “War on the Rocks” could have been written in a barn right before church on a Saturday night with an infectious and soaring chorus with driving rhythm from drummer Nick Marshall, and bassist Alex Diaz. “Could It Be You” is a nice change of pace, slowing down the record, with their take on the power ballad. “A Revelation At Its Finest” is a 7 minute circus of sound with booming highs and lows, and damn fine guitar work from both Conor Spellane and Will Hammond.

Panic In Eden is headed in the right direction. I still think that for every electronic piece that augments a song or record, there are bands, like Panic In Eden, that keep pure rock n roll alive, and are always willing to find new ways to push those boundaries. Rock music is not your father’s music as long as bands like Panic In Eden continue to find ways to make it interesting and with In the Company of Vultures I think there is still hope.

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