Vans Warped Tour Interviews: Ghost Town

Ghost Town Interview: Kevin McCullough imploring Warped Tour crowd. Photo by Jackie Creedon.
Kevin McCullough imploring the Vans Warped Tour crowd. Photo by Jackie Creedon.

Ghost Town Interview

When I saw the Vans Warped Tour lineup reveal a few months ago at Full Sail University, one of the bands I was most interested in seeing was GHOST TOWN.  As luck would have it, the quirky last minute scheduling practice on the tour cost me that opportunity, as I was committed to interviewing another band at that time, but a few hours later, the tables were reversed and I got a chance to talk with singer Kevin McCullough and guitarist Alix Koochaki about their friends  on tour, their Ghostly fans, and their distinctive marriage of visual and audible art.

Monday: State Champs
Tuesday: Young Guns
Wednesday: Ghost Town
Thursday: The Interrupters
Friday: Dash Ten

Vans Warped Tour

Alix: It’s just one giant family. Every single day you see your best friends who you may not have seen for months, and then for the next two months, you get to hang out with them. That’s the coolest thing about this tour.  And, there are lots of bands and crew from our first (Warped) tour.
Kevin: Everyone’s hustling and doing their thing and sometimes you’ll go a few days without seeing your friends, but then you meet like twenty new people every day.

Mentors on their first Warped Tour

Alix: On our first Warped Tour, one of our good friend bands was Breathe Carolina. They took us under their wing big time, and looked out for us on Warped Tour.
Kevin: …Having me guest every single day during their set for their most popular songs to do guest vocals. It was really an awesome experience.

Alex Koochaki playing to the Orlando Warped Tour fans. Photo: Jackie Creedon.
Alex Koochaki playing to the Orlando Warped Tour fans. Photo: Jackie Creedon.

Any old friends on Warped Tour

Kevin: We’ve toured with I See Stars and they’re on the tour with us, so it’s cool to hang out with them.  We are friends with Palaye Royale from our Haunted Youth headline tour end of last year.
Alix: Issues, Falling In Reverse, a lot of friends.

Early Success

Alix: It definitely has happened fast at least for myself.  This has been the first glimpse of what some might see as success as far as a music career, but it’s kind of hard to gauge how it should go. We have heard from some people that we’ve done a lot in a short time.

New Music

Kevin: Our last record didn’t come out too long ago, about eight months ago. But we do these things called Ghost Town Tuesdays and it’s part of who we are as a band and part of our story where we put out a new song every week for 3 to 5 weeks. We’re going to try to do that 2 or 3 times a year, each time with a new piece of art work.  It could have something to do with an album or it might not, we just love putting out new music.

Kevin McCullough of Ghost Town - photo: Jackie Creedon,
Kevin McCullough of Ghost Town


Kevin: A lot of people don’t realize that we are a conceptual band. We have a whole universe visually. We have an issue of a comic book out now and another issue following that up; there’s a piece of artwork for every single song. Hand painted original artwork done by Alister (Machinist) who we consider an honorary member of the band. He grew up with Alix and I.  It’s this perfect relationship of visual and audible art.

Now writing as a trio

Alix: It’s changed a little bit, but for the most part, it’s always been Kevin and I at the start of the song idea. So at the core, we’ve always made sure that the song can be played and felt with just vocals and an acoustic guitar, because if a song at its bare bones form can’t stand by itself, it’s not really a good song.
Kevin: It’s funny because we are such an electronic rock band but we love showing people that at our simplest form, these are real songs, and that’s why we’ve put out an acoustic EP.

Engaging their fans

Alix: That’s the key these days where everything is so readily accessible. People expect to have content right there and if their attention isn’t being held they go right to the next thing.  So to keep their attention and keep them coming back and interested we have to keep up with that pace.

Alix Koochaki of Ghost Town. Photo: Jackie Creedon,
Alix Koochaki of Ghost Town.

The voice of the Ghosts

Alix: They definitely are being heard, because this band is so in tuned with our Ghosts as we call them and we can readily see how they are feeling with every move that we make. It never goes unnoticed.
Kevin: Whether they love it or hate it.  We see everything, but we don’t let it stop us from doing what we love.

The band Ghost.

Kevin: They are very different. They are awesome though.  We played a festival with them and played the same stage in Germany.  They are awesome… crazy good.



Kevin: We’ve played here six or seven times and always had some of our best shows here.
Alix: Every US Tour that we do, we come through here and we love it. The shows are always amazing. That’s why I feel like our crowd today is the biggest one we’ve had so far. It was massive.

You can catch GHOST TOWN on the Cyclops Stage.


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