Turning Virtue – A Temporary Human Experience

TurningTurning Virtue are a quartet mired in progressive-style rock. The band offers the listener an album of decent, almost AOR type rock songs, with tight production, and A-list engineering. Their new record, A Temporary Human Experience, is not bad, it’s just not great.

There are redeemable factors to the record, some songs try really hard to shine, but seem dull and irrelevant. This is not groundbreaking rock n roll, but I can always appreciate artists that make the type of music that they want to, and I feel that Turning Virtue is doing just that, being true to themselves, and that’s a big part of why it’s not that bad.

The record offers quips by lead singer, Davey K, on the spiritual bend. Songs like “Transcend” turn towards a pretentious tone, with tremendous guitar work. The intro to “Box of Disappointment” would fit nicely on a Porcupine Tree record. “Fall in Love with the World” is a straight rock song, with a catchy hook, and the jean jacket juice. “Dreamin” officially enters the orbit of soft rock majesty. “Theody” provides a sinister, and cool vibe if you can get past the beginning spoken word sequence. “What’s True” offers some double bass action.

Turning Virtue has all the pieces, and musical chops to put together a very good record, but sometimes bands do too much to ensure that they are taken seriously and it falls flat. A Temporary Human Experience does just that. There are bursts of great songwriting and if they focused on those bursts, I am confident they will come out ahead in the end.

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