The Worst Cover Song Ever?

Metallica_logo_wallpaperOh sure, there have been some horrific, ill-advised attempts to cover rock classics over the years. Who can forget the typically excellent Sheryl Crow doing a poorly imagined Guns ‘N Roses cover or Miley Cyrus honoring her inspiration, Kurt Cobain? And we should never forget the slew of classics reimagined by the talentless William Shatner. They all deserve consideration on worst cover lists, but Macy Gray’s decision to release a Metallica cover may just be the worst yet.

Macy Gray is a talented vocalist. She’s been nominated for a handful of Grammys and has at least one of those golden phonographs adorning her mantle. Her raspy voice is distinctive and kind of special. The star has churned out a fair share of popular hits, but for some unfathomable reason, she felt it necessary to cover “Nothing Else Matters.”

Typically, I applaud performers willing to take a chance with a cover totally outside of their comfort zone and my Spotify Covers playlist below has some unanticipated gems, with artists who took that chance, but this one just doesn’t work. It’s not that the song is horrible… well, not totally because of that… it’s just that it’s a horrible fit (and it’s a little horrible).

Check it out and experience all 6:41 of the magic for yourself:

The song will appear on Gray’s upcoming album Stripped, to be released September 9th. Until then, I think I’ll just relax and enjoy a little Captain Kirk…

To visit the other end of the spectrum, check out my Spotify Covers Playlist, and give it a Follow as more songs will be added in the upcoming months. Macy – this is how you properly do a cover.

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