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There is a wealth of wonderful music that has come from The Great White North of Canada: Matthew Good, The Tea Party, The Tragically Hip, and of course Rush. With that being said, some have come to see Canadian rock in the states as the minor leagues compared to the US. Not sure why that is, but it is…. And it’s just dumb. Bad Reed from Ontario is seeking to change that perception releasing a 3 song EP offering a sonically diverse and challenging rhythmic venture serving as a nice entrance onto the national scene.

bad reeds ep

The Bad Reed EP finds the Canadian quartet on the verge of discovering its sound. The first single “Punch It” weaves a soft melancholy guitar in between a welcomed synth. Lead vocalist Sydney Sollazzo twirls her voice around the maypole as if on the verge of tears, yet concealed and reserved.

“Slackjaw Romance” offers an earthen, folky, and modern take on the love song with tremendous guitar work from lead guitarist Graham Walker with an eerie nod to Ireland.

“Cassava” is a little more upbeat in its tempo, and again offers great guitar work with a few time changes thrown in.

As a relatively new band, one will always draw comparisons to more established artists. Bad Reed have been compared to The Mars Volta, A Perfect Circle, and Heart. I would disagree with all three of those comparisons and would point more of a finger to The Cranberries. The upside to this record is that there is a lot to build on with pop hooks, catchy melodies, and gifted musicians. The downside is that they need to let go, the whole record is full of restraint… and you can hear it in Ms. Sollazzo’s voice. Throughout the EP, the listener is yearning for her to move on to something bigger, larger, make those tears known, and make sure we know that they are there.

Bad Reeds
Bad Reed

With the recent death of so many artists that paved their own path inventing flamboyance along the way including; Prince, Bowie, and Lemmy, I hope that newer musicians can latch onto that influence and use it to lay the foundation for a new generation of rock stars… Bad Reed should certainly be a part of that conversation.

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