The Mysterious Lost Poets

Sweden seems like a slick place to live. The people are relatively happy, the government offers programs to assist the masses in the form of relatively cheap, or free education and healthcare. I can’t say that I have ever seen an ugly Swede, although my contact with the population is limited. And… they have the best music. I tend to gravitate more towards the blistering effects of Swedish death metal stalwarts Meshuggah, and the artistic orchestration of Ghost rather than pop heavy, more soothing comfort of ABBA and The Cardigans, although both tremendous in their own right.

lost poets 2

With that being said, I have a pretty good track record of identifying where a musician calls home. I pegged The Lost Poets to hail from Puget Sound, or somewhere in the vicinity of the Georgia Swamps. The mysterious Swedish duo hails from Stockholm and my jealous Americanized mode of thinking immediately wanted to claim their brand of swampy, murky, finger-numbing “American” rock n’ roll all for the red white and blue.

The Lost Poets don’t offer a new sound, but an augmented version of a classic one. Insubordia II is a really very well done record. “Danny Electro” is a haunting, deeply moving track with an explosive and daunting chorus giving them a sound larger than their duo status. “Bound” is a romantic dinner party in the cemetery, “Mouth” is the bands best impression of Soundgarden filtered through pond scum and acid rain. “As Long As I Am Conscious And Clear In My Mind” offers beautiful guitar work with a focus on David Rosenberg’s vocals.

the lost poets 1

The most death metal thing about The Lost Poets is their attire, choosing to stay anonymous in all black threads and ominous masks reminiscent of the “Nameless Ghouls” in Ghost. Along with their new record, The Lost Poets are also teasing a trailer for a short film on their website. I have also read that the duo is writing a children’s book. I am really hoping that the merriment continues and The Lost Poets finds their audience.

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