Streets Of Laredo – Wild Album Review

Streets Of Laredo – Wild Album Review

Streets Of Laredo Wild Album ReviewStreets of Laredo are the latest impressive Brooklyn act tantalizing our ear buds. With their soon to be released Sophomore album, Wild, they find themselves on the cusp of an impressive breakthrough. This intriguing New Zealand band has boldly shifted their universe to Brooklyn, and the relocation to the Big Apple has clearly added to the delicious flavoring we hear on their new album.

Wild hits the streets on October 21st, and it’s pretty damn impressive. The album highlights the band’s musical diversity and considerable artistic talent. It’s not cookie-cutter pop rock, but rather nicely layered songs with distinctive touches and a palpable soul. It’s a welcome and fresh offering in the sea of mediocrity flooding the pop rock market these days.

Unfortunately, when I stumble across one of these acts for the first time, they’re not always destined for stardom.  For every Of Monsters and Men, there are a couple of Drowning Mens and River City Extensions.  But that’s the chance taken when a band sets out to do something truly creative and different. Like this!  And, I for one, appreciate them for gifting us with this album.

Brothers Daniel and Dave Gibson founded the band and made the bold decision to move halfway around the world to a new Bushwick home. The geographical shift has clearly shaped their sound as they perfectly meld two unique universes.  Daniel’s distinctive, slightly nasal, vocals add to their unique sound.

Streets of Laredo Wild Album Review
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The eleven tracks on Wild are eclectic and captivating. With diverse influences like Yoko Ono and Paul Simon, it is easy to see why.  No song is the same but each track drips with emotive, creative sounds that demand attention.

It’s a robust serving of rock, and every song stands on its own merits.  Highlight offerings include the initial single, “Silly Bones” a blissful escape punctuated by pristine harmonies and sweet piano.  “Traps For Young Players” is another joyous, jangly foot-tapper with a slick beat. “Laying Low” and “Don’t Even Bother Me” are slow burning synth driven tracks at the other end of the spectrum.


My personal favorite is “99.9%.” It’s an angst filled anthem disguised as a bouncy pop song with killer vocals, a hard-driving beat, majestic synths and catchy guitar hooks.

“Wild’ is about being more daring,” says vocalist/percussionist Sarahjane Gibson. Sarajane is the band member responsible for many of the sweet harmonies and percussive accents that make the album so special. “If you’re gonna take a big risk, you need to go all in.” And as we see over and over again on this album, they’ve poured all of their creativity into this gem.

I’ll predict now that this album sneaks its way onto a bunch of year-end Best Of lists. In the past, I may have thought it’s a bit too distinctive to find much commercial success, but it’s every bit as good as Of Monsters and Men, and we’ve all seen the way they have exploded. Hopefully the sales do materialize, but in either case, this album is a special offering. For those of us searching for memorable new music, we’re certainly better off to have this in our libraries.

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