Royal Canoe- Something Got Lost Between Here And Orbit

royal-canoe-album-coverI jumped into this review without knowing what to expect. I didn’t know anything about Royal Canoe except a little excerpt that came with the emailed list of albums to review. I never heard of them and didn’t even know what kind of music it was going to be let alone if I would dig them or not.

 All I had to go on was this short little description provided which read and I quote:

Royal Canoe: Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit surfaced with a unique and intensified voice. It was co-produced and mixed by Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, Deerhunter), who concentrated their sound-crafting attention on two fundamental elements: drums and vocals.

End quote.

I thought to myself “Well I like Gnarls Barkley and Animal Collective and Deerhunter so why not check these guys out? The Album Title sounds cool, so fuck it!”  I clicked the link, opened up Soundcloud, and waited for it to load. As I waited for the music to play I read two hash tags on the page. One read #electonic and the other #indie electro and I just thought to myself “Well here it goes. Hopefully this doesn’t suck…” I found it’s usually a hit or miss when it comes to that genre.

The music kicked in followed by an image of the album cover appearing. The song “Somersault” poured out of the speakers while the album cover showed a picture of hands reaching toward each other with the words “Royal Canoe” just above the center with each letter being its own color. The colors reminded me of being a little kid, or the circus, or just being young and happy. You know, before the inevitable trap of adulthood chokes the life out of you while providing you with just enough pleasure to make it fun sometimes. Like auto-erotic asphyxiation.

The music started with this strange yet soothing “wah wah wooh” sound before dropping some nice simple beats. 22 seconds in it drops a funky bass line and everything falls together. It’s like some old school / new school hybrid that’s got me seeing color again. It’s got that hip hop, electronic, indie feel. Vocals got me shining and I’m young again. It’s different but in the best way possible. I groove through the song till it fades.


Next Up on the album is the song “Walk Out On the Water”. It doesn’t have that same sunshine feel. It feels darker and cooler but I have to say I love it even more. Just by listening to the first two songs I can tell this album has lots of flavor. So many different colors. So many sounds. Powerful lyrics. Executed Beautifully.

Some songs I found I liked more than others, however even the songs that I wasn’t a big fan of still had parts that I loved. For example the Song “Love You Like That” wasn’t really my cup of tea, but that is mainly because i can’t stand the chorus, yet two minutes in, it takes a different direction that feels euphoric. This only lasts for fifty six seconds before changing back to the chorus. So even though this was my least favorite song, the majority of my least favorite song was good. I just didn’t care for the chorus. Though I must admit the more I listen to the song the more I can get over the chorus.

You can check out Something Got Lost Between Here and There now on all of the normal distribution channels.

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