New Music Friday – Alt Rock Edition

preoccupyWe love our RARAs Farm readers, and we love introducing them to new rock music. Today, we take a peek at a handful of songs that caught our attention from the piles of emails stacked up on our desks. As usual, you’ll recognize some bands and discover a few new ones as well.  We present to you our alternative rock songs of the week.

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  • Taking Back Sunday, “You Can’t Look Back” – This Long Island band is as popular as ever, and how do they celebrate the release of their forthcoming seventh album? They play in the smallest venues they can find. And this anthemic track is going to be hugely popular in the cozy, sweaty clubs this fall.
  • Gringo Star, “Get Closer” – This one is the best song on this week’s list. It’s an infectious indie rock offering with slick guitars and an irresistible vibe.  Sadly, due to the sorry radio situation in this country, the only place you’ll hear it is on our Spotify Playlist below.
  • King Shelter, “Preoccupy” – This one is so hard to characterize, but it’s a track you need to give a chance.  A little bit of punk angst, mixed with pop sensibilities with a dose of classic guitar riffs, adds up to one absolutely entertaining track.
  • Bleeker, “Highway” – A rollicking rocker that sounds great with the speakers cranked up. Love the rhythm on this tune, with hard driving drums and a delicious bassline.  And how could a bunch of CBGB freaks like us not like a band called Bleeker (Bleecker)?
  • The Rival, “When I’m With You” – This has everything you need for a hit alternative rock song.  I’m a bit surprised that this intoxicating track isn’t much more popular.  It’s catchy as hell and an irresistibly joyous love song wrapped in a catchy pop wrapper.
  • Baker’s Eddy, “Wallbreaker” – It’s garage rock that actually reminds a bit of early Offspring. Effervescent pop rock with just enough cool punk swagger.
  • Oblio, “Lily” – When I hear about an alt rock band from Long Beach, I immediately think of punk. Honestly, that’s why I checked this one out.  This is not punk; no, it’s a beautifully arranged acoustic track about a very lonely girl.  I listened to this six straight times after I downloaded. It’s not a typical RARAs Farm recommendation, but it’s a fantastic song worth a listen (or six).

A few of the songs are already included on Cretin’s Gnu Music Playlist on Spotify. Check it out and Follow it if you want to keep on top of the best new alt rock.

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