Melissa Brooks “Girl Riot”

Being that I’m a 39 year old man I have to channel what I believe to be the opinions of a pre-teen girl because I don’t really know what a pre-teen girl thinks about anything. That being said singer Melissa Brooks + The Aquadolls “Girl Riot” could only be appreciated by a female below the age of 13, and that’s o.k because that appears to be within age range of her target audience.


The song is about not taking crap from another person or all hell will break lose in the form of a “Girl Riot”. According to Brooks, “Girl Riot” is an anthem celebrating the strength and courage of any woman having to fight against what society expects you to accept, whether it be wage inequality or double standard social norms. The beat is a little too light though, and I can’t imagine the song festering up any inspiration to do anything other than throwing your clothes all over your bedroom floor.

If your child chooses to listen to this song the best thing you can do is make your kid wear headphones so you don’t get the chorus line stuck in your head. You may want to add extra assurance that you won’t hear it by wearing ear plugs as well.

Give it a listen and decide for yourself:

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